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Essay Writing Struggles Faced By Students

You're probably already familiar with what a summary is. If you haven’t written one before, then let me quickly explain the concept.
A summary is an overview of someone else’s work. It can be an article, a chapter, or an entire novel. It presents the longer text in a condensed form, only focusing on the main theme and ideas. If you are looking for help from you should know about a reliable paper writing service.
Teachers normally assign them to evaluate your understanding of a particular text. Otherwise, they are also written to save the reader’s time as they are a short representation of the content.
Summaries must be written in such a way that the reader gets what the original text is about without having to go through it.
When writing a summary, keep in mind that it isn’t your interpretation of the original text. Your job is to present it as is, without analyzing or critiquing the work.
Steps to write a summary
No matter what text to want to summarize, the steps remain constant. Let’s take a look at them.
Go through the original text twice
To summarize something, it is important for you to have a sound understanding of it. Carefully read the text the first time and don’t worry about making notes at this stage – focus on understanding its meaning and figure out the central idea. If you do not have experience of writing you should know that you can take help from the essay writer just ask him to write my paper for me.
Jot down significant details
Once you have understood the central theme of the text, go through the text again. This time carefully list down ideas that address the main idea. Since a summary is usually a shorter version of the text, make sure that you don’t write down every single detail.
Write the first draft
Once you have gathered all the points, the next step is the writeup itself. A summary is always written in a simple present or past tense. Start your summary by stating the title of the original work and its author. And the main idea or the original author's argument, written in the present tense. This helps show the reader that you are writing about someone else’s work.
When you write the first draft, you must rely on your memory and note down everything that you remember from reading the original text. In this step, you must write the significant details in chronological order. The focus should be on writing in your own words; however, if you still want to quote the original author, don’t forget to cite them. If you are taking help from an essay writer you should know that you should pay someone to write my paper.
To make it sound like a summary, you must use author tags. These are phrases such as “the author rejects,” “the writer claims,” “Alan argues.”
Edit and proofread
Once you are done writing the first draft, go through it, and compare it with your notes. If you have missed some important points, incorporate it in the summary.
Also, make sure that the summary is coherent and addresses the same idea. You can use transitions to ensure a smooth flow between different paragraphs.
Use these steps to write an interesting summary of any given text. In case you face some difficulty, look for a reliable paper writing service for assistance.
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