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Mist and flower gauze
Gather up the hair to be fixed completely next the head yarn bundle that feels hard the shape of the flower, make a fleeciness lightsome sense, integral modelling is chic do not fall convention is covered, still can build a sense of mystery. Suit the bride that the hair slant is little, hair qualitative soft not easy modelling.
Feathery flower
Feather is the optimal adorn article that foil bride romance breath, with the flower after making a union can bid farewell to drab feeling, also can build asymmetry aesthetic feeling, have very often "one's brains" headdress. Like contracted, highlight the bride of temperament.
Three-dimensional flower hair band
The flower that has bulk feeling sends a belt to be able to make you green feeling dyke, also can decorate not quite full head model, still can complete integral modelling quickly. Suitable for lovely wind bride and face narrow bride.
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Exaggerated floral hair accessories
The cascade that sends curl with the top of the head and flower hair act the role ofing make echo again appropriate nevertheless, the color that hair ACTS the role ofing chooses champagne color to be able to promote the temperament of the bride also can appear not common. For a petite bride, elongate the figure.
Cascading flower CARDS
The clips are versatile and can be worn in anything from a bun to the ear. Look casual with fluffy curls. Suit to send much and fleeciness, want to walk the bride of Bohemian style route.
Hollowed-out hair band
Most suit bun or dish hair model, can have the effect that make the finishing point, can decorate in the top of the head also can be used in tall bun root ministry, have very good echo with marriage gauze. Suitable for the bride who likes classic and noble hairstyle, highlighting the long lines of the neck.
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