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Douluo Mainland by Tang Jiasanshao [End]

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"Nice fart." Niu Gao was unwilling at this time. He came over angrily and patted the dust on his body. Although he didn't want to, he had to face Tang San. Boy, you win. I used Wuhun just now, and I don't have to hit you with the third punch. I mean what I say. From now on, there will be no more enmity between our royal family and your father and you. Looking at the way Niu Gao gnashed his teeth, Tang San could not help smiling. Of course, he could hear that Niu Gao's words did not mean to let go with Hao Tianzong. But he doesn't care. Although the Haotian Clan is his clan, it really owes too much to these affiliated clans. That's not something that can be resolved in a short time and a competition. We can only take our time. It was the older generation's carelessness that made the younger generation play tricks. If we fight normally, how can the opponent give the younger generation such a long time? Niu Gao hummed, "OK, losing is losing.". Is the old man still a man who doesn't admit defeat? You can stay this time. Titan Hei Hei laughed: "I see you like this, as if not to admit defeat.". That's it? You have lost to other young people in the strongest defense. It doesn't mean to say? "What does it mean?" Asked Niu Gao angrily? Do you still want me to take the royal clan to submit to him? Titan laughed and said, "That's not necessary.". However, the young master and I are going to set up a clan called Tangmen recently. Are you interested in joining? Now that the conflict between you and the master and the young master has been resolved. There should be no obstacles. Niu Gao pulled up a chair and sat down. "Don't do that.". I knew you didn't bring this kid here with peace of mind. Old gorilla, I think you are old and confused. Haven't you been fooled enough by Hao Tianzong? Are you going to put us through another catastrophe? Titan shook his head helplessly. "Forget it. I can't tell you clearly for a while.". I said, Niu Gao, Niu Gao, you have neglected me too much. Shall we get some tea to drink first. Besides, what do you look like to the people like this? Go and change your clothes. Niu Gao glared at the Titan with some dissatisfaction. "You didn't provoke him.". I'm going to change. With that, he strode away. Looking at Niu Gao's back, the Titan said to Tang San, "Young Lord,Wheel tape measure, you really surprised me!"! It's a good thing you hit an old rhino where he does best. No wonder you have to come with me. It seems that you have already thought out the countermeasures. It's just that the old rhinoceros is stubborn and won't compromise so easily. Tang San sighed lightly and said, "Actually, I didn't want Niu Gao to compromise.". I just hope I can try to resolve the original hatred. After all, it used to be a family, belonging to four clans alone, and now it's all caused by the closure of the Haotian clan. I just want to do something for the four nations. You don't have to force senior Niu Gao to join Tangmen. As long as they don't hate my father, I'll be satisfied. As the saying goes, the father's debt is repaid by the son. Now Tang San is beginning to repay his father's debt. He just hoped that in the future he could take the place of his father to dissolve the hatred and destroy the real enemy. Two people just said such a simple sentence, Niu Gao suddenly walked back from the outside, stood in the doorway to Tang San: "Boy, how many levels of your soul power?" Looking at the old man with a depressed face and a bright personality, Walking tape measure ,tape measure clip, Tang San replied in a respectful voice: "The younger generation has 66 levels of soul power.". Control the War Soul Emperor. Niu Gao froze for a moment, "control department?"? When did Haotian Hammer become the soul of the control department? The Titan laughed and scolded, "Go and change your clothes quickly.". Come back and say it again, it's not clear in one or two sentences. Niu Gao looked at the Titan doubtfully, then turned around and left again. As he walked, he muttered, "Level 66, 21 years old, level 66.". Is this still a person? Not long after Niu Gao left, a servant had already sent him tea, apparently ordered by him the first time he went out. There is also the name of the Royal Clan, who began to repair the hole in the wall of the hall that was knocked out by Niu Gao from the outside. The Titan took a sip of tea and said to Tang San, "Young Lord, you can see that I have a very good relationship with Niu Gao.". We have a lifelong friendship. Frankly speaking, I hope Niu Gao will lead the Royal Clan to join Tangmen, not just for you, young Lord. It's more my own selfishness. I am old, and I really want to be able to live with my good brother for many years.
Everyone takes care of each other and has a companion. I'll try to convince him. Although Niu Gao is straightforward, he is absolutely not stupid. I think he'll figure it out. If he is willing to lead the Royal Clan to join Tangmen, please give me a face. "If that's the case," said Tang San with a smile, "that's exactly what I want! With the architecture of the Royal Clan and your casting skills, isn't Tangmen going to become an iron wall? Niu Gao did not leave for a long time, and in a short time he changed into clean clothes and turned around. As soon as I entered the door, the first thing I said to Tang San was, "Boy, are you really level 66?" Tang San nodded his head. Niu Gao went to the Titan and sat down with a thoughtful light in his eyes. The Titan left him alone and let him think for himself. Twenty-one years old, level 66, strong defense, not under the same level of a clan. And when did the children of Hao Tianzong lack offensive power? Niu Gao first thought of the future of Tang San. There is no doubt that in less than twenty years, Tang San will become a top master. And it's extremely tough. Even if they all have the title of Douro, there is a big gap in strength. Like Tang Hao's strength at his peak, it is no problem to face three ordinary titles of Douro at the same time. He is the only one who makes Wuhun Temple jump. Niu Gao understood that if he offended such a potential soul master, it would never be good for the future of the Royal Clan. The Royal Clan is really unique in architecture, and the holes in the walls of the hall have been resealed in such a short time. "I know what you're thinking, old rhinoceros," said the Titan. Don't think too much. Let me give you confidence. You tell the servants to stand down. Niu Gao did not know what the Titan was going to do,Diameter tape measure, but he did as he was told. Titan also waved to his people, in addition to Tyrone and Ma Hongjun, let the others wait outside the living room first.