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DDA Facilitates Business Parks and Free Zones in Dubai

Dubai is one of the travel destination hubs in the world that offers world-class amenities such as high-end resorts, beaches, luxury shopping malls, and fascinating parks promoting different qualities and features that captivates residents and tourists. From the simplest to the most enthralling parks around Dubai needs a governing entity that will maintain and furnish future developments in all aspects. Dubai Development Authority or DDA, formerly known as DCCA holds the responsibility of ratifying innovation and business developments in various parks and Free Zones in Dubai. The Dubai government assures to provide world-class structures, services, leisure, and amusement offered by the business parks under the regulations of DDA Approval.

Dubai Development Authority also provides services required to set up and manage a business in several Free Zones in Dubai, from company registration and licensing to employee and administrative services, even with the initial and completion approvals and permits required for the building and construction process. DDA Approval standards are precisely established to effectively mandate and contribute to the future growth of Dubai’s economy that will set the world-class merit for urbanization and the business sector. DDA is committed to its obligation to foster economic excellence by establishing the foundation of business-friendly environments for companies, investors, stakeholders, real estate developers, and every contributor to economic progress.

The Dubai Development Authority focuses on the following highlights that elevate the services and guidelines of DDA Approval to lead and be competitive in the global standards of cutting-edge transformation and merit.

Real estate planning and development control
Governing the regulations, standards, licensing, and approval services for all strategic projects and industries within DDA’s jurisdiction
Industry development or industrialization

Several free zones and business parks specializing in different industries create individual cluster environments under DDA Approval. The efficient interaction and collaboration generates synergy within the business environment, which results in economic progress. DDA effectively facilitates business parks and free zones in Dubai to provide opportunities for investors and also job seekers who are seeking success in the country. These great opportunities lead to higher economic growth that sets Dubai as a globally competitive city for the leisure, engineering, and business sectors.

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