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A Customized Mug for Present

Submitted by trophykart on Fri, 11/22/2019 - 05:54

A coffee mug or tea mug is a necessity. While waking up to the morning and grabbing a mug of coffee is enough to make your day. The fresh aroma is enough to wake up your senses.

Even in the workplace. The tiring day will make you tired from hours to hours.cup of coffee is sure to help you to walk the entire day with some energy.

A coffee a day make a happy day:

We can see that coffee is an essential part of our life. And for a human, critical art should come with a bit of exciting touch. How about a customized cup of coffee. From the past couple of years, we have witnessed a drastic change in the coffee mug design. The old ones came with a monotone. And some came with patterns along with prints. Those were enough though. But then went to some shops which started making coffee mugs unique. They came up with the idea to make the coffee lover crave for coffee more. The options for a customized cup came. The era brought with them a period of change for coffee lovers.

The shops which came up with the idea to deliver the best coffee mugs came with the notion of printing exclusive photos. The customers took their private photos which they wanted to get printed on the coffee mugs.

The shops especially designed ideas for newlyweds along with couples in love. The coffee mugs came out with the exclusive photos of their special days on it. However, it was not limited only to photos. The customer can even go for options such as a special quote or an anecdote or a small poem dedicating their love for their loved ones. Other than that quotation mentioned in the desire for their parents also took the era with a change.

A customized cup for a coffee:

Now imagine getting up and making coffee and having in your customized cup. If it is a gift to you, then there is a chance that the mug has your printed picture in it. Or if you love someone dearly, you might be using the customized cup with the photo of your near and dear ones.

Other than photos these days, we can see many options are available in terms of customization. Take my case; for example; I presented my best friend a customized mugs on his birthday with the image of his favourite anime character. He was so happy that he cried in excitement. Now he uses that mug in drinking latte every morning. The sweet aroma of coffee will not only wake him up but also give him the required energy to survive the entire day at his workplace. I am even thinking of presenting him with another customized mug to take to his workplace so that he can cherish the bond of friendship we have.

Another example from my end, I presented my mother with the “best mother” quote on a customized coffee mug. The only difference between a regular and a customized cup is that one comes cheap, and the other is not measurable in terms of money.

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