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Cry on my shoulder

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"Women's fault." Seeing Boman's appearance of denouncing the situation, Yitong hurriedly said, "Actually, I don't think so, but I can't help it. There are only two points of view: one is because of men's discrimination, and the other is women's lack of ability. We drew lots for this, so we can only support this side." Yitong is also very helpless. What do you say about your luck? You will never be allowed to follow in the lottery! Beaman looks like he hates that iron doesn't make steel. That's why I came to you to hear your opinion. Yitong is also very innocent, and she didn't draw the lot. Bo Man repeatedly shook his head, "the talented woman is confused this time, looking for the wrong person.". What good advice can I give you as a big woman? You'd better go to find your "good" brother who loves you to the bottom of your heart! I'm sure he'll say, 'It's all my fault. How can it be your sister's fault? If anyone wants to argue with you, brother, I'll shoot him for you! Looking at Boman's dancing and vivid "imitation show", Yitong was angry and laughing, and really regretted asking her for advice. In fact, Yitong has never liked to participate in debate competitions, and even felt a little ridiculous. In fact, both sides of a thesis are reasonable, and the correct answer to the thesis is often the combination of the two. But the two sides insist on going to two extremes, the more people feel reasonable,plastic pallet manufacturer, the more they can dig out each other's shortcomings, the greater the odds. All sides know in their hearts that this is not an either-or answer, and what is the point of eloquently defending a view that they do not support? However, excellent as she has always been the ideal player in the hearts of teachers, she will never resist, she is always pushed to the front of the stage, for the school, teachers,collapsible pallet box, to win a satisfactory honor. Yitong smiled bitterly. With Yitong's strength, the next elimination-style debate competition was naturally won, but it also made her physically and mentally exhausted. When she got home, she simply didn't want to say a word and fell asleep. Ling Tingru was very distressed when he saw it. He grabbed the phone and wanted to call the competition committee. He blamed them for arranging the competition too closely, so that the players could not stand it. He was stopped by Yitong. Ling Tingru is not the only one who is distressed, and so is Tang Hao. But he could not help, so he could only call Yitong and tell her to relax and rest more. He did not know that for Yitong, his phone call was the greatest comfort. When he joked that he really wanted to arrest the judges for a few days so that she could have a good rest. Yitong thought of what Boman had said that day, and his heart was filled with a trace of sweetness. After five passes and six generals, Yitong's debate group finally entered the final. Chapter 6 This is the most farcical debate competition that Yitong has ever experienced. The sunny campus of S University seems to be particularly lively today, because the University Debate Competition in X City will be held in the auditorium here. People from inside and outside the school poured into the auditorium, which could accommodate thousands of people. The well-equipped auditorium is magnificent, with elegant walls, pillars and floors inlaid with milky white marble, plastic pallet manufacturer ,plastic pallet crates, which is luxurious and rich. The crystal chandelier and wall lamp with artistic shape on the top reflect the whole hall brightly, and even the white marble relief under the back horse corridor is shining with silver light. Yi Tong in the background to help teammates relax, he is already battle-hardened, has long forgotten what stage fright feels like. Teammate Ouyang Lin pulled her sleeve and pouted her chin forward, "Yitong, look!"! That's our opponent for the championship! Yitong looked sideways and saw a line of three people in D team uniforms discussing something. One of the boys happened to look at her, and his eyes were on her. Her eyes flashed a little, and then she smiled at him as a gesture of friendship. The boy's face turned red. A female teammate beside him found out and glared at Yitong after scolding him a few words! Yitong shook his head innocently, probably because it was his girlfriend. Ning Feng's appearance surprised his classmates, because he had never looked at these occasions before. In fact, he didn't want to watch any boring games, but just wanted to see how she "quarreled" with others. The game went on in an orderly manner, and Ning Feng looked at the spirited Yitong on the stage with a smile on her lips. She wore a simple, neat and smart uniform, still wearing a ponytail, and the ends of her hair swayed with her movements. The big eyes flashed, and the clear and melodious voice escaped from the pink lips.
Only then did he realize that she was so eloquent that she often left the other side powerless to refute. In fact, there is a reason for this. The performance of the debaters in the D school is obviously not up to standard. Previously, when Yitong saw that the boy's eyes were on Yitong, his speech was a little knotted, his face was suspiciously red, and the more he spoke in the end, the more incoherent he was. And the girl who looked a little fierce was angry in her eyes and spoke more and more sharply, even with the obvious meaning of personal attack, which made the audience talk from time to time, and the judges shook their heads repeatedly. The time for the end is coming, and Yitong also wants to end the game quickly, because she can't stand the girl's unreasonable behavior. She stood up to make her final statement. When she said the last sentence, "So we think that the inequality between men and women is mainly due to the fact that women have inferior physical and psychological conditions to men, and in many things, women are unable to do." At that time, opposite that schoolgirl claps the table suddenly to rise, the angry eye round stares, the blue vein bursts out, a pair of shrews curses loudly "who said the woman does not have the ability?!"! Aren't you very capable?! How dare you seduce my boyfriend in full view of the public! You're so good! There was an uproar under the stage. Yitong's face turned blue, and he clenched his lower lip and looked at her in disbelief. For a long time, she straightened up, looked directly at each other, and said coldly, "Men and women are not equal because it may be right for men to despise women, because your performance now has every reason to be despised by others." The audience was silent, because no one expected her good temper to fight back like this. At this point, a loud laugh sounded. Like everyone else, Yitong followed the sound and saw Ning Feng laughing loudly in her seat, completely ignoring the eyes of others, and then stood up and clapped hard at Yitong. The crowd reflected and applauded with him. The game ended with applause and comments,plastic pallet containers, as well as laughter from Ning Feng, who did not know whether it was praise or criticism. In the dark and shabby alley, a dark shadow was shaking.