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Combating Poverty Using Education

Combating Poverty Using Education

Globalization and technological advancements are the main drivers of today's economy. To be successful you need to be equipped with the right tools to survive in this world. Education is the key to fighting poverty because you will have knowledge and skills that will make you relevant in economic growth and development. The following are ways in which education helps in poverty eradication.

Skills and Ability

Education equips you with the skills and abilities that can be used to escape from the poverty trap. Having the right skill set will enable you to earn a living by producing goods or providing services that require your expertise. Apart from making money, you can use your abilities to create employment and pass the knowledge to others, thereby improving the lives of communities.

Fight Gender Inequality

Gender disparity is a major contributor to poverty. Education emphasizes the importance of equality in society. When both men and women are given the same opportunities, poverty is significantly reduced. Empowered women will lead to an increase in economic wealth and help in the war against poverty.

Promote Security

Insecurity is the greatest contributor to poverty, the absence of a conducive environment to support economic development poverty will set in quickly. Education promotes peace as it offers an alternative solution to conflicts instead of war. Education provides avenues for earning a living in ways that do not resolve to violence. Educated individuals rely on their acquired skills to be productive members of society.

Employment Opportunities

The ability to earn a living is the ultimate weapon to combat poverty. Getting employed is one way you can earn money to cater to your needs. When you have academic qualifications, there are higher chances of being hired and earn a salary from your job. For example, you could be working in a cool paper writing service .There is a ripple effect in society when you have money to spend through the purchase of goods and services, which will contribute to the overall economic growth. Employment gives you the ability to educate your children and hence continue with the poverty eradication effort.

Improve Health Standards

A healthy population means a workforce that can be involved in the wealth creation of a country. Education helps in combating infectious diseases, promotes healthy lifestyles, and the effective administering of vaccines. Poverty thrives where the disease is rampant since it is difficult to work and earn a living when your health is deteriorating. The energy that would otherwise have been used in economic development is spent dealing with health matters.
Education opens up doors for families to thrive by creating employment opportunities and acquiring crucial skills and knowledge to survive. Access to education should be the key pillar in any government plan since it's the most important tool to curb poverty. Education is a great equalizer.
It creates a level platform for everyone to be successful. Poverty flourishes when education is lacking; therefore there should be a greater emphasis on investing in learning institutions. Access to study should be made accessible to all if you want to evade poverty.