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Chinese wedding scene layout

Chinese wedding scene layout
The traditional Chinese style wedding ceremony is more and more popular. Details determine success or failure, want to build a
Field perfect Chinese style wedding, must pay attention to consummates its detail decoration.
Pepper room wedding, flower hall decorated with brocade, joy strike, party invited friends and relatives, holding wine wine praise couple, celebrate the world!
Chinese style wedding scene layout is the Chinese traditional culture as the center for the extension of the layout, add rich color and red and green pepper
, both in line with the theme and can take out a rich festive taste, meaning the new day after the day, will be like this red pepper like red
Fire fire, and the wedding scene is filled with festive and enthusiastic elements.
The stage design incorporates luxurious traditional graphic decoration to create a palatial sense of splendor.
The road led
A combination of red lanterns and flowers was used along the road. According to Chinese historical tradition, the red lanterns were hung high to represent the festival
Festival, the planner continued to use this custom, added to the normal wedding festival atmosphere.
Wedding party
Throughout the wedding procession is one of the most special part, lion dance performance, the bride sit by large Jin elder sister led the sedan
, the ancient wedding festival lively scene one by one reappear, happy and happy to infect the audience.
Table of flowers
The big desk flower of atmospheric gao tiao, get rid of the design frame of conventional desk flower, those who use stem develops acme, integral modelling is elegant
, chic, a symbol of tanchun sprout, full of vitality of the good implied meaning.
Time zone
In the photo area, the planner incorporates the blooming peonies, which are regarded as images of prosperity, happiness and peace in the traditional Chinese consciousness
The levy.
Sweetmeats area
Delicious and sweet Chinese style cake, the sense of happiness is multiplied.
Candy box
The mastermind needs to be very careful, even with the details of the candy box.
As the core part of traditional wedding, the sedan chair was popular since the southern song dynasty. It is divided into four people carry, eight people carry two, and has a dragon sedan
, phoenix sedan points. Car body red curtain green cover, above the dragon and phoenix chengxiang, four corners hung with silk tassels. When a rich man marries his bride,
On the way to the wedding, the girl will take one car to greet the bride, and the boy will take the other two cars. Welcome back when the bride, the bride
The bride and groom shall sit in the blue sedan chair, with a blue cloth cover and a bronze roof
Flag gong umbrella fan:
It is located in the wedding procession, flowers before correction, can make the whole wedding ceremony lively, spectacular. Firecrackers: the wedding car is moving
On the way, firecrackers should be set off all the way to celebrate. Rank of phoenix coronet and rank of rank: the family that marries a daughter no matter be rich and poor is very speak to get married dress
Investigate. He was wearing a red coat, embroidered shoes, a streamer with tassels on his waist, a colorful embroidered skirt, and a ball of velvet, pearl and jade on his head
A "phoenix coronet" of silk pendant and other decorative articles was woven into a frame of brocade embroidered with various auspicious patterns
". Cover: in ancient times, brides used red cloth to cover their heads while wearing the phoenix coronet and frame of rank, to cover their shame and ward off evil.
"Saddle" and "an" homonym, take its "peace" for a long time. Often placed on the threshold of the bridal chamber,
Always safe. When the front foot of the bride stepped on the threshold, the rear foot was raised and did not fall, then by the parents, the next
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The whole family of the children took off the saddle, just in line with the meaning of "strong women do not marry two husbands, a good horse does not deserve double saddle". Brazier: it
Is placed in the doorway of a pot of fire, let the bride over the past, meaning the day after marriage is booming.
Heaven and earth table:
Placed in the hospital, the table amplification bucket, ruler, scissors, mirror, abacus and scale, known as the "six card". Meaning: knowable
Home how much food, how much cloth, good or bad clothes, appearance, accounts, things weight and so on. Common folk
Have "3 medium 6 card" all, just express newly-married reasonable and lawful view. Wait until the auspicious wedding ceremony, commonly known as
"Worshipping heaven and earth", presided over by the master of ceremonies, one worshipping heaven and earth, two worship hall, three couples worship.
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