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Cheapest way to go to the tourist place in Dubai

If you are planning to travel to Dubai. Here you find some useful tips to travel and explore Dubai on budget.A trip to Dubai with your family or friends is more exciting and will give you a breath-taking experience. Before reaching Dubai if you are doing basic research on the attractions like stay, transport then you are in the correct place .These basic research can help you on save a few bucks spend on tours .Your top priority should be fitting everyone in to one vehicle .Instead of searching for different option just go for Bus rental Dubai services If you get the right vehicle in your dream country then you will be able to start a tour with good memories

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Why Use the Bus Rental Service in Dubai?
Most road trips are stressful because they take us into new territory. Even more anxiety may arise, especially if different vehicles are being used by each person. Because of the intense traffic or the various driving styles on highways. Vehicles may become separated, which would add to the overall tension.

Because of the intensive traffic, vehicles may become separated which will result in to the overall tension. You will get vans, minivans, minibus and buses for rent in Dubai So that you can fit everyone inside the car with luggage’s. Due to the fact most of the tourist not knowing the routes or city they will given by the skilled professional driver by the IK transport. you can enjoy the tour more comfortably with a driver who is familiar with the roads.

If you decide to rent a car then you have to consider all the costs, such as salik, petrol and rental fee to each vehicle, this will make your wallet empty. In this case you can go for the bus rental Dubai.

Dubai is not exactly known for being the most budget friendly city in the world, but we’re here to change your mind about that! If you want to enjoy your time and not break the bank, here is the ultimate list of cheap places to go in Dubai

Dubai Creek Abra
Dubai Creek is one of the most beautiful spot in city .Abras (traditional boats also known as water taxis) run from four main spots in Dubai along the creek every few minutes Its only 1 AED per person which is enjoyable and scenic

Each abra can hold to 20 passengers working in two routes between Deira and Bur Dubai .There is one way ticket or you can even hire your own abra for an hour Riders can sit on the wooden bench and can enjoy the journey

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Global Village
There is no doubt that everyone wants to travel all over the world. Global village is the place where you can buy all the items and food from all over the world with different pavilions

Its open from October and closes by May It charge only 20AED per person

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Etihad Museum
Etihad museum is one of those places where you can find the historical insights and you will get all the detailed information about ancient UAE and the growth of the Emirates and its 25000 square meters spread. The museum is located on 1 Jumeriah ST Dubai.

The admission fee is 25 AED and group 20AED

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Miracle Garden
This Garden is surrounded with amazing designs and sculpture made of flowers .The Dubai Miracle garden has achieved three Guinness World Records. In 2013, it was declared as the world's largest vertical garden Currently an Airbus A380 flower structure in the garden is listed by Guinness World Records as the biggest flower structure in the world.