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ChatGPT Japanese accelerates overseas expansion with multilingual support | gptjp

Submitted by gptjp on Fri, 12/01/2023 - 23:20

ChatGPT Japanese has great advantages not only in Japan but also for companies considering overseas expansion. This is because it overcomes language barriers and enables natural communication.

The big appeal is that you can speak not only English, but also major languages such as Chinese, Korean, and Spanish. It will be of great help in understanding the needs of local customers and in business negotiations. The ability to understand context, which cannot be obtained with a simple translation machine, will be the driving force driving global business in a new era.

Furthermore, we cannot overlook the fact that we have accumulated knowledge in specialized fields. We have medical English for the medical field and legal English for law offices, with appropriate expressions depending on the situation. This will be of great use in strengthening communication with overseas partners.

What I would like to see from ChatGPT Japanese is its ability to make suggestions that incorporate cultural background with natural expressions similar to those of a native speaker. It is a powerful ally that breaks down the barriers of language and culture.