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A Buyer's Guide to the Main Types of Office Storage Furniture

When you furnish your office, your primary task is to buy office desks and office chairs. But where will you keep all documents, books, and materials? For this, you will need functional office storage furniture. It is not an easy task to select the right items with the right size, make, and features. Use this buying guide to get the help that you need.
Storage Cabinets
These are office storage furniture items that are designed to accommodate a wide variety of items. It pays off to consider all of the available options. There are tall and low models. The former is recommended for offices with limited room as they take little floor space and can be easily fitted in corners. The low models are great for placing next to desks and under window sills for making full use of the available space.
There are storage cabinets with hinged doors and ones with sliding doors. The latter is great for tight places like the area behind a desk while the former gives you more flexibility. When it comes to internal arrangement, most models have shelves. However, you may want to look for a model which features drawers in addition to shelves. In any case, it is best to get adjustable shelves.
Filing Cabinets
These pieces of storage office furniture are crucial for any company as they allow workers to keep valuable documents well organized. The primary choice is between vertical and lateral filing cabinets. The former is long and narrow and has the files arranged in a column in a drawer that opens outwards. The lateral models have the files arranged in a row. They typically have sliding doors. It is up to you to decide which arrangement will be more functional for your office.
Another really important thing to decide is whether to go for wood or metal items. The latter is preferred for keeping highly valuable and difficult to retrieve documents as they are fire resistant. In any case, it is best for the cabinets which you get to have a lock and preferably a gang lock.
It is a common misconception that only legal firms which keep a lot of books require bookcases. These pieces of office storage furniture add functionality to any office. They can be used for keeping all sorts of folders and stationery materials as well as books. In executive offices, they can be used for displaying awards and decorative items.
Just like with storage cabinets, you can select from tall and low bookcases depending on the office setting at hand. Choose the depth carefully to ensure that you can fit folders as well as books. The width should be selected in line with the available office space.
These are among the most useful storage furniture pieces, even though they are not separate items and are installed over desktops. They are real space savers while giving you easy access to all kinds of materials. It is up to you to decide on the height of the hutch. You should be able to reach the top shelf with ease when standing. While the open-shelf models are quite practical, you can also consider one with hinged or sliding doors.
Use all of these practical tips when you go shopping for office storage furniture.
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