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Best Online Place to Buy Flight Simulators in London

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A flight simulator is a virtual reality system capable of simulating the environment of a flying device for a pilot. The flight Xbox simulator is mainly used for pilot training, leisure or play, but they can also be used to study the characteristics of the aircraft, the command handling characteristics, the design and development of the aircraft.

A flight simulator artificially recreates the aircraft flight environment for training, planning or other purposes for the pilot. The main objective of a flight simulator is to help the pilot to reach, test and maintain his ability to manage the operation of the aircraft without any risk to property or life, and at a much lower cost than flight training. A simple flight simulator consists of several screens, control devices, a communication audio system and an information system to process control inputs and record flight data.

The overall effectiveness and efficiency of training are the main reasons for using flight simulators as training devices. Beginner’s pilots can experience the flying environment and learn from mistakes without any risk, relieves safety considerations and flight tasks instructors. It's an economical training solution because it saves staff, fuel and maintenance time for real aircraft. The flight simulation does not depend on any environmental condition and also allows you to repeat the practice of a particular flight phase. Exact reproduction of many environmental conditions and flight is possible via a flight simulator.


However, the simulators is not able to reproduce mental conditions or the level of stress in a pilot when a real plane flies. The simulator cannot reproduce the boredom or fatigue inherent in long flights. Also, some planes fly very differently in real life than flight simulators. Although a flight simulator can train pilots in different conditions, a flight simulator alone could not provide an accurate analysis of a pilot's flight capability.

Training for pilotsSeveral different aircraft use in modern flight training. The Practice, Procedure Trainer (CPT) is used to apply basic cabin procedures, such as managing emergency check lists and cabin familiarization. Some aircraft systems may or may not be simulated. The aerodynamic model is generally extremely generic, if it exists.

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