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Best Mens Aftershave - Uses

Submitted by denniswill on Tue, 12/01/2020 - 21:02

What Does Aftershave Do? Aftershave is one of those men's beauty products we've all used at some point in our lives, without being entirely sure what it does. Aside from applying a nice scent to our faces after we shave, what's the point of using it?

Men’s Aftershave is a term used to describe any fragrance-enriched product that is used after shaving. It contains just 1-3% pure fragrance. The lower fragrance content means that aftershave isn't as strong-smelling, and the smell won't last as long.

However, aftershave isn't just about the smell. Best Mens aftershaves are also useful for -

Cleansing – Most aftershave for men have a higher alcohol content, and that alcohol works as an antiseptic and astringent to kill off any bacteria on your skin. Aftershave is used to reduce the risk of infection after shaving removes the top layer of skin and exposing a lower layer.

Relieving - It can also prevent any shaving cuts or nicks from getting infected. Not only does the alcohol content of the aftershave help to prevent infections, it can also provide relief from razor burns. The tingling and stinging feeling you get after applying the aftershave means the alcohol is doing its job.

Moisturizing – Many aftershaves are made with moisturizing and hydrating nutrients, such as aloe vera, glycerin, or coconut oil. These ingredients ensure that your skin is protected from damage and kept properly hydrated.

Aftershave isn't just about smelling nice - it's also highly useful for keeping your face clean and hydrated. After you've finished shaving, splash a bit on your cheeks and neck to reduce infection, moisturize, and prevent razor burns and ingrown hairs.

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