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Best Hospital For Cornea Transplant

The Bharti Eye Foundation Cornea Transplant is a revolutionary medical procedure that has brought renewed vision and hope to countless individuals suffering from corneal disorders. This groundbreaking treatment, offered by the Bharti Eye Foundation, aims to restore eyesight by replacing damaged or diseased corneas with healthy ones obtained from deceased donors.
Bharti Eye Foundation Cornea Transplant: Restoring Sight, Transforming Lives
The Bharti Eye Foundation Cornea Transplant, also known as corneal grafting or keratoplasty, involves the surgical replacement of a damaged cornea with a healthy one. The cornea, the clear and transparent outer layer of the eye, plays a crucial role in focusing incoming light onto the retina, enabling clear vision. However, various conditions such as corneal dystrophies, injuries, infections, and scarring can impair its function, leading to visual impairment or even blindness.

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