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Auto Shot does not produce any sound

Submitted by Sagelucy on Wed, 02/01/2023 - 21:36

Auto Shot does not produce WoTLK Classic Gold any sound when it's cast while animating Hunter's Mark and certain different abilities.Scatter Shot, Wyvern Sting as well as Freezing Trap are all able to provide diminishing returns.A The Hunter's Frost Trap ground effect will take players out of stealth.The rate at which pet focus is renewed isn't always consistent. Be aware that the quantity of focused that could be generated each tick is inconsistant, the total amount generated over time is uniform and constant. There are slight variances in the amount of time between ticks, which causes the display to appear inconsistently.Pet aggro radius is working well and is working as expected.

This is to say, it was highly inconsistent in the first WoW and is inconsistent when playing WoW Classic.Pets "remember" specific targets that they have been instructed to attack before. When they send a pet to attack a new object, it will attack any remaining targets they were instructed to attack when the current target dies.Pets that were previously instructed to target dead targets using the use of a specific ability or attack will try to get close enough and attack the dead target but then will be back to the hunter's side if the ability fails.

Other players do not see the Hunter's quiver in their back.Hunters might encounter a slight delay when casting the Auto Shot after they have moved. Note: There's an unintentional "retry" timer which occurs in the event that the hunter is moving during the time when the normal swing ends. The timer is able to check for movements before attempting to resume auto-shot, and it refreshes every 500ms once the hunter has stopped moving. This means that if a Hunter is moving and stop moving after this timer's refresh, you'll need keep waiting until retry timer is checked again to verify that you're no longer moving , and then resume casting auto shot. It is not the result of batching spells or heartbeats from servers, and is specific to buy WOW WoTLK Classic Gold functionality of the Hunter's Auto Shot. This is consistent with Auto Shot functionality on the Reference client.