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90 Degree Elbow

90 degree pipe elbows join pipes at a 90° angle. As the name suggests, elbows are always at right angles. This type of elbow is also called "90 bends or 90 cells". It is a pipe-fitting device that is bent in such a way as to cause a 90° change in the direction of liquid/gas flow in the pipe. An elbow changes direction in piping sometimes called a "quarter bend."
90° elbow easily joins pipes of various materials like plastic, copper, cast iron, steel, lead, rubber Etc. In other words, 90° elbows connect two pipes at right angles. They are used as a railing ends or corners on level installations. 90-degree elbows also called "90 bends or 90 elbows", are manufactured as SR (short radius) elbows and LR (long radius) elbows. The raw materials used to manufacture 90-degree stainless steel elbows are seamless or welded stainless steel pipes. Elbows are mainly produced by cold forming, heat treatment, pickling, finishing and other activities.
Advantages of using buttweld fittings :
Piping systems using buttweld fittings have several inherent advantages over other forms.
1. Adding a fitting to the pipe means it is permanently leakproof
2. A seamless metal structure formed between the pipe and the fitting provides strength to the system
3. Smooth inner surfaces and gradual directional changes reduce pressure and turbulence and reduce corrosion and corrosion activity.
4. Welded system consumes minimum space
The function of the elbow is to change the flow direction in the piping system. Elbows are divided into three groups, which define the distance over which they change direction, expressed as a function of the distance from the center line of one end to the opposite face. This is known as the face-to-face distance and is equivalent to the radius by which the elbow is bent. 90-degree elbows also called "90 bends or 90 elbows", are made as SR (short radius) elbows and LR (long radius) elbows. SR (Short Radius) elbows have a center-to-face dimension of 1.0 X diameter and are typically used in tight parts where clearance is problematic. LR (long radius) elbows have a dimension of 1.5 X diameter at the center and are the more common type and are used when space is available and flow is more severe. It is a fitting device bent to make a 90-degree change in the flow direction flow of the material in the pipe.
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