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5 Tips for Growing Autoflowering Seeds Indoors

The last few years have witnessed the growth and popularity of autoflowers, a particular category of cannabis seeds. Today, the market is filled with these high CBD autoflower seeds because of their rapid growth. Do you wish to grow autoflowering seeds indoors? Here are some beneficial tips for those who are looking to grow them indoors instead of buying autoflowering seeds online. 

Tip 1: Choose the correct strain 
While growing some plant, genetics plays a very vital role. First, you have to choose the perfect strain, which is again, determined by the effect you want from the cannabis. For example, if you are growing autoflowering seeds for medicinal purposes, you should opt for a low THC strain and has a high amount of CBD in it. 
Tip 2: Don’t repot your autoflowers 
The growth of these plants is dependent on the amount of stress they experience. Stunted growth is sufficient for traditional cannabis seeds. However, the same can't be said about the autoflowers as they will ultimately bloom into flowers regardless of the condition they are kept in. So, it is better to germinate autoflowers right in the final pot to keep them safe from transplant shock. Since the autoflowers are not too tall, small to medium-sized pots are convenient for their growth. 
Tip 3: Use a root stimulant 
After planting the seeds in the pot, you need to use a root stimulant in the recommended dosage to provide adequate support to your plant during its growth phase. However, overuse of the root stimulant should be avoided. 
Tip 4: Grow in light and airy soil 
The adequate soil condition for the perfect growth of cannabis should preferably be light and airy. Make use of an autoflowering pot that is less fertilized. However, be careful about soil consistency. The more porous the soil, the more air will pass through the roots of the autoflowers. 
Tip 5: Use the correct type of light 
When growing autoflowers indoors, you need not worry much about the lighting. Although a light schedule of 18/6 (meaning, 18 hours on light and 6 hours off light) is fine, 24 hours exposure to sunlight is pretty much okay. 
Following the tips mentioned above will help you initiate the process of growing autoflowering seeds or the Hawaiian shroom strains at home. 
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