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5 Things to Look for in Filing Cabinets

There is a huge variety of filing cabinets available in the market. It is natural to ask yourself how to pick the best unit or units for your office furniture. Your individual preferences and requirements are most important in this case. To make things easier, you can use a set of five essential criteria to decide on the ideal product for you.

  1. Sufficient Space

You have to figure out how many files you will need to store to decide on the number of drawers that unit should have. Most filing cabinets in the market have two to four file drawers of equal sizes. There are also bigger models with two equally large drawers on each row.
In general, when it comes to deciding on the size of the unit, you should know that bigger is always better. Even if you have a few files to keep now, they will most certainly pile over time. You will find it more cost-efficient to go for a bigger unit. Just consider the space that you have available and your budget as well.

  1. Durability

You would want to invest in a unit that will serve its practical purpose perfectly for years to come. The durability of filing cabinets depends primarily on the material which they are made from. Wood and metal are both highly durable options. Metal units are typically recommended when there is a higher risk of fire affecting the office where the files are kept.
The make is also important. The different parts have to be attached perfectly to one another. The drawing mechanism should be dependable and function properly at all times.

  1. Reliable Handles

The handles should be made from a durable material, preferably metal. Tough plastic is also acceptable. You need to confirm that the handles are perfectly well attached and that they are not flimsy. Make sure that they are easy to replace if the need arises.

  1. Gang Locking

The gang locking mechanism is present in most filing cabinets sold today. Still, you have to check specifically to ensure that it is integrated into the unit that you will buy. This is because it is highly convenient and gives your files perfect protection. This mechanism uses just one lock. With the turn of the key, you will lock all drawers of the unit at the same time.

  1. Good Warranty

You should go for a unit that has a comprehensive warranty which is as long as possible. It should cover both replacement parts and labor. It would be great if it is for over 3 years.
You are now ready to go shopping for filing cabinets.
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