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3-D Printing On Custom T-Shirts

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As it is rightly quoted that “3-D T-Shirt printing has digitized the entire manufacturing process.” It is one of the most trending printing types in today’s world and also becoming the future of the clothing industry. There was a time when people used to rub inks or paints on custom t-shirts to create a beautiful print on it, but that was all past! With a little persistence, a person can get aesthetically pleasing results from 3-D t-shirt printing technology. You can print 100 printed shirts by screen printing in a few hours but you can make 100 different t-shirt designs with the help of 3-D T-shirt printing for the same. Do you want to know how? Check this amazing guide about 3-D t-shirt printing below :

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1 What is 3-D T-Shirt Printing?
2 5 Easy Steps and Your 3-D T-shirt is Ready!
2.1 Materials Required for 3-D T-Shirt Printing
2.2 Steps:
2.2.1 Step 1
2.2.2 Step 2
2.2.3 Step 3
2.2.4 Step 4
2.2.5 Step 5
3 Advantages of 3-D T-Shirt Printing
4 Disadvantages of 3-D T-shirt Printing
4.1 “I Have Seen The Future, And It Is 3D Printing”~Forbes
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What is 3-D T-Shirt Printing?
3-D t-shirt printing in the clothing industry is a printing technique that converts imagination into a print through different materials. It reinterprets all the old fashioned designs into some whoa kinda 3-D prints! This printing technique along with the latest trends can set you apart from others, but let’s see how this technique is performed!

5 Easy Steps and Your 3-D T-shirt is Ready!
3-D t-shirt printing can be performed anywhere with these 6 easy steps but hold on! Don’t you wanna know the magical materials behind this printing that creates super awesome prints on t-shirts! Let’s find out :

Materials Required for 3-D T-Shirt Printing
3-D printer: 3-D printers like HP multijet fusion and ABS 3-D printer can generate an amazing print on custom t-shirts. Hold on! Don’t worry if you don’t have a 3-D printer, you can also choose from web-based 3-D designs and software programs.
T-Shirt: You can use any kind of t-shirt fabric that can be cotton or polyester and many more, avoid using too much-designed t-shirts as it will interfere with the printing process.
Mini clips: Use small clothespins or plastic pins so that they won’t come up on the side of the printer.
Modeling programs: You can use modeling programs like Tinkercad which is free and available for all on web browsers.
Slicing software: Slicing Softwares like Octoprint, Cura, IdeaMaker can improve your printing quality.
Step 1
Choose your model. The size of your t-shirt design will completely depend upon the printer’s capacity.

Step 2
Slice your model with the help of slicing software and convert it into Gcode which is a programming language that will describe how a 3-D printer will print. Most models are equipped with 15-30% infill.

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Step 3
Place one side of the t-shirt on the plate, make sure you are printing only on a single side. Attach the t-shirt on the plate with the help of mini clips and try to flatter it properly without stretching it too much.

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Step 4
Start printing your fabric. Keep a watch while moving plates as the extruder head will be too hot till then. Wait for some time and whoa! your print is ready to go.

Step 5
Remove the shirt carefully, when the plate cools down and enjoy your ready to go 3-D print t-shirts.

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Advantages of 3-D T-Shirt Printing
3-D t-shirt printing got the best speed time for the production of t-shirts. Designs can be modified again without affecting the speed of the manufacturing process
3-D t-shirt printing is cost-effective as it doesn’t require so much of labels, just one or two machines and you’re ready to print your custom t-shirts
3-D t-shirt printing results in high-quality results which includes breathtaking pictures, graphics, or any other artwork which increases its demands as well as production in the market
The printing technique is one of the most sustainable printing techniques with less generation of waste and not harming the environment as compared to other printing techniques
3-D t-shirt printing allows the best consistency when compared to other techniques as any mistake can be detected at that particular time making it so much consistent
Disadvantages of 3-D T-shirt Printing
3-D t-shirt printing machines are quite expensive, also some of the materials needed in 3-D t-shirt printing is too costly in the large scale manufacturing sector
Due to increasing demand for 3-D t-shirt printing, there has been a rise in copyright issues, patents violations, and trademark infringements
As this printing technique doesn’t use so much of labor therefore people are losing jobs in the printing sector due to the emerging printing technique
Sometimes 3-D printing shows design inaccuracies as the design completely depends upon the printer so some printers may have less tolerance so producing a design different from the original one
3-D printers have a small size, therefore, restricting the size of printing items makes it one of the major drawbacks of 3-D printing
So, within the next decade, we’ll see Alexa taking our printing orders, 3-D printers are manufacturing the printing orders and a drone is making a delivery, so get ready for your future where the supply chain will be more simplified and 3-D printing technique making deliver products faster than any other traditional techniques.

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