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3 Types of Steel Pipe Fitting:

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What is Steel Pipe fitting?
Steel pipe fittings are frequently made from bonded or seamless pipe by being produced or stretched over a mandrel. For consistency only with pipe ends' threads, they are generally threaded in different sizes.They are generally socket-welded or butt-weld welded in place as size and pressures rise.
Manufacturer of Steel Pipe Fitting
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Types of steel Pipe Fitting:

  • Stainless Steel Pipe Fitting
  • Carbon Steel Pipe Fitting
  • Carbon Steel Pipe Fitting

Stainless Steel Pipe Fitting
Stainless Steel Pipe fittings are used for connecting pipes and controlling the volume, direction, and pressure of the flow of gases, liquids, and fluids. For pipeline systems, plumbing systems, and pressure applications, there are several types of stainless steel pipe fittings. A major advantage of using SS pipe fittings for water pipes is that they have a very low rate of corrosion and can be used in all types of water.
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Carbon Steel Pipe Fitting
Carbon Steel Pipe Fittings are generally made of iron and carbon.When necessary, they also use copper, silicon, and magnesium in very small amounts in Carbon Steel Pipe Fitting. Even though carbon steel pipe fittings are less powerful and durable than other stainless steel material kinds, they nevertheless have high damage protection. Use of carbon steel pipe fittings in liquid, gas, or steam-containing underground and are above services. While acidic services are allowed, it is not advised for use in toxic services.
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Mild Steel Pipe Fitting
Mild steel pipe fittings are employed in a wide range of sectors, including manufacturing and construction. Whenever a lower pressure rating is required, systems having mild steel pipe fittings are applied. Mild steel pipe fittings are specified by the A234 WPB, ASTM A420, and MSS-SP-43 specifications. One of the most commonly used types of fittings in mild steel is the A234 WPB. ASTM A420 is the standard specification for welded fittings made of alloy and mild steel for low-temperature use. The manufacture and installation of buttwelding fittings manufactured of wrought mild steel is specified by MSS-SP-43.
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