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Why Are Children Getting Addicted To Ayurveda Nowadays?

Ayurveda's earliest theories are supported by empirical data. Ayurveda is more than just a collection of conventional practices. Every decision about treatment, it demands logic and evidence of causality. Ayurveda does not acknowledge the change impact.

Four major categories are used by Ayurveda to describe evidence in the context of Pramana. Pramana is a Sanskrit word that literally translates to "means of learning" and "correct perception".

The Pratyaksha, or proof derived from precise and direct observations. This is pretty comparable to experimental proof. This evidence is supported by quantifiable indicators, which may be derived from immediate perceptions or knowledge gained via the use of the five senses.

Moreover, an objective evaluation and review of the potential toxicity and safety concerns of Ayurvedic treatments and medications becomes highly relevant even though Ayurveda is getting more and more popular globally and a growing number of people are looking for safer and alternative solutions for many illnesses.