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Junk Ninja

Submitted by junkninja on Sun, 05/12/2024 - 21:59

Supplier types:Junk Ninja
Supplier Address:19 Grenfell Crescent, Suite 201, Ottawa, ON K2G 0G3

Telephone number:(+)+1 613-825-0707
Mobile number:(+)
Supplier description:Are you looking for junk removal services in Ottawa? Junk Removal professionals carefully haul and dispose of your unwanted goods. Up to 70% of our loads are diverted from landfills. We will go
where the junk takes us from a single item to a house full of stuff, let us remove it for you to get a Yard Waste Disposal in Ottawa ON.
Our Services -
Junk Removal Near Me
Scrap Appliance Pickup

Buyers, Please let us know,you get the info from ,you can get a Special Discounts.