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Supplier types:Manufacturer

Supplier Address:Commercial Street, 2nd Zhenkou Industrial Zones,Zhenkou,Humen,Dongguan,Guangdong Province,China

Telephone number:0086-769-85120671   85186581

Mobile number:0086-13902618190



Supplier description:

With the talents of ANDIY,our chief American Designer and the diveisity of Ms Lingxian Ma,a professional in fashion of design,producing and sales,Hanfeise International Fashion Co. Ltd., successfully entered the China market in 1996 and spread its creative and definitive influences all over major fashion cities.At the same time Hanfeise DongGuan Fashion Co., Ltd was founded.From the very beginning, Hanfeise has been using the perfect combination of Black and White colours in all manners to reflect timeless elegance and the art of graceful living.Hanfeise expresses an attitude of a life style with characteristic,individuality and personality. We always search the information of the latest fashion ,thus give conclusion of the coming trend and then aim at such market,get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh so as to make colorful the market by introducing new spieces with season changing.
   To realize vaiant development of our firm and further make the products in our shop series-oriented,we have specially introduced a wide range of precise handbags,shoes,hats and other products,which are even more attractive than our clothing products.Since the foundation,holding the operation guideline aith, Coopperative, epuivalent, mutualbenefit, progress together,Hanfeise has won support of customers,to date we have opened over 400 shops in big cities across china so as to promote market nationwide.Our collection series not only sell well in China,but also export to other countries and territories,such as Singapore, Taiwan, Tokoy, Hongkong, NewYork and some Uropean countries.Heartily we welcome domesstic and overseas customers to join our chain stores or to act as our regional Sales Agents.
    With almost a decade of consistent development,Hanfeise International Fashion Co.Ltd. remains passionate with Black and White and has elevated the brand to a even higher level of sophistication through employment of advance and high quality material,innovative technique in multi-layer design and tailoring. Undergone arduous pioneering stage, complicated transformation stage,and the current development stage,Hanfeise has developed its unique business strategies and operational mechanism in this highly competitive market and ever-changing consumption model from scratch. From single product to a complete product line,from designer and manufacturer to a famous branch,from China to the world, Hanfeise moves towards its goal painstakingly and meticulously.

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