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EPT Pak Seal Co., Ltd

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Our dedicated team will work closely with you to understand your specific requirements and provide tailored solutions that meet your expectations.
In 2005, EPT Pak Seal was founded in Shanghai for bag sealing tape. It includes permanent bag sealing tape, resealable bag sealing tape as well as OEM ones.
In 2019, we built a new line for security tape, tamper evident tape, void tape which could protect package better. “VOID OPEN” would be showed once your package opened after sealed.
In 2022, we further introduce a new item --tear tape with BOPP packing tape, which makes open box easily that no need knife as usual.
For more detail, feel free to contact us. Experience in manufacture, experience in export and import, experience in technical improve, which support customer and market well. From design to material, from manufacture to shipment, from quality to service, we pay attention to each process to support your developing in the best.
High tech with continuing improving from common ones to environmental ones, from low level to high level, we never stop in innovation.
NO.511 xiaowan road , Fengxian district , Shanghai , China, 201400