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THE POWER OF MIND ENGINEERING: How to Create a Stress-Free, Happy and Healthy Life

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The book ‘The Power of Mind Engineering’ by Dr. Cyril C George highlights the fact that modern man lives in mental suffering irrespective of wealth, or education or position and proposes a new path of life to live in good health, joy and wellness. Based on the latest research findings, the book enlightens us about the root causes of our sufferings in life. The reason is that our life is driven by our subconscious mind or the ego-mind, which includes our false self-image, beliefs and perceptions. Referring to findings by neuroscientists, the book tells us that our brains are naturally structured to be happy in childhood. Nature envisages us to be healthy and happy in order to lead a purposeful and fulfilling life. However, as we grow older, positive feelings like love, peace and joy often become distant mirages. Further, the book tells what went wrong with us, why can’t we control and manage our minds, thoughts, emotions and behaviour? Quoting research findings of Harvard University, a lot of valuable wisdom is given about our thoughts and other aspects of mind-body connections; 80 percent of our thoughts—out of about 60,000 per day—are negative and repetitive, resulting in negative emotions and adverse behavioural patterns. Hence, we end up living in a negative zone most of our adult life, resulting in stress, problems, mental pain and ill-health. Then, how can we regain this paradise lost? As per the author, the solution lies in bringing in higher awareness of our subconscious mind, then reprogramming it and finally following a lifestyle driven by this new awareness, the consciousness. It gives us scientific insights into the benefits of meditation. Price : ₹395.00