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Examining the Terrain and Setting Out on Journeys: The Wanderlust Surveyor

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Hello, I'm Rose, a seasoned traveler originally from São Paulo, Brazil, with a deep-rooted connection to the captivating landscapes of my home state. My passion for exploration blossomed during my solo travels, starting with adventures within Brazil and expanding to South America, North America, and Europe.

Having spent over 30 years living outside Brazil and currently residing in the UK with my husband, our exploration journey has continued to evolve. From our initial budget-friendly travels as a couple to later embracing family adventures with our two children, and now, rediscovering the joy of exploration as a couple again with occasional companionship from dear friends, our travel experiences have spanned continents and lifestyles. Join me on this journey as I share insights, tips, and stories from a life dedicated to exploration and discovery.

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