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Water Pump uses in Noosa and the Sunshine Coast Hinterland

Noosa is located in Queensland about 1.5 hrs drive north of Brisbane. It is situated on the coast and is surrounded by the beautiful Sunshine Coast Hinterland. The climate is quite mild, typically enjoying sunny, dry winters and evening storms during summer. The climate in Noosa screams gardens and the temperature creates a gardener's paradise.

Contrasting approaches to water filtration and treatment in Australia.

Water filtration and treatment systems have a very diverse range of applications in Australia. Typically, the aim of irrigation stores across Australia is to improve the quality or composition of the water for a specific use. This could relate to rainwater, wastewater, greywater, seawater, freshwater, irrigation water, water from dams and lakes or urban and rural water supplies. Clearly, the scope is broad and some water filtration and treatment uses are quite surprising.

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