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Advantages of Responsible management of food waste

More than a third of the world's food production is lost or wasted each year. Urgent measures must be taken since it is predicted that by 2050 waste will increase by 70%. As a consequence of this waste, the costs for consumers and industry increase and place a toxic burden on the planet.Taking measures to stop this scenario generates environmental and economic benefits, as well as an improvement in health for the most disadvantaged. It is urgent to reduce food waste and find new methods to deal with current waste.

The benefits of proper waste management in your company

Management of waste generated by business activity, saving costs and obtaining benefits thanks to recovery and recycling. The study confirmed this by the consulting firm Expense Reduction Analysts (ERA), based on the analysis of 50 companies. 
What have these companies based their waste management to achieve these results?

Role of environmental consultant

Professional consultants, regardless of the field in which they provide their service, advise their clients on how technical details evaluate the company. Their task is to provide an expert assessment to their clients to reduce or eliminate environmental damage and offer advisory services.Typically, ehs consultants will provide their services to a consulting firm and work on various government or commercial contracts, undertaking a variety of environmental issues.

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