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Final Steps To Take Before Turning On Your HVAC System

7. Duct Cleaning

If the ducts are full of debris and dust, take the necessary measures right away. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Even if you do not see it, the dirt inside reduces the efficiency of the entire system. More than that, it affects the indoor air quality and poses a major health hazard.

8. Inspect vents outdoors

9 Steps To Take Before Turning On Your HVAC System (Part 2)

4. Verify smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, change the batteries (if necessary)

Do not ignore the safety detectors when checking your HVAC system; make sure they are in working condition. To that end, test the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors beforehand using manufacturer guidelines. Check out the batteries used in the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, too. Consider their replacement, if necessary.

5. Clear the space around the unit

9 Steps To Take Before Turning On Your HVAC System

The end of the cold season and the beginning of summer is exactly the period when your HVAC unit stays untouched most of the time. The majority of homeowners simply wait to turn on the ventilation system when necessary and begin cooling their places. However, that’s not the case. There is a certain procedure to do before getting your system ready for summer which will ensure its proper functioning during the entire hot season.

1. Check the filters

How to Combat VOCs?

If there is no possibility to avoid VOCs, let’s think about how to protect ourselves and our loved ones in order to breathe healthy air:
• Air the place out
• Improve the source of ventilation
• Storage the products containing VOCs outdoor
• Seal the places and surfaces that contain these harmful particles
• Be careful when choosing the agents for household use

How Air Duct Cleaning Can Help?

What are VOCs?

VOCs represent the gases that are released from certain liquids and solids. As a rule, the organic substances such as chlorine, bromine, benzene, fluorine, formaldehyde, and toluene contained in some agents easily vaporize and become harmful for people.
What Impact Do VOCs Have On Your Health?

HVAC Upkeep

The hype behind keeping your HVAC system functioning in prime condition is highly drawn from how costly the devices can be. Having a brand new one installed in your home demands between four thousand and upward of eleven thousand dollars. Once it is in place, the appliance can run for fifteen to twenty-five years when maintained properly. Some components of the system have to be cleaned or changed after some time to ensure that it runs properly.

HVAC Basic Inspection

Before settling on a home, it is vital to have an inspector come in and confirm that this system is functioning as it should. When carrying out the inspection, they usually check to see if they spot rust, combustion gas odor, asbestos, open seams, or cracks in the vents. These faults hinder the proper functioning of the system, while others such as asbestos can cause serious health issues. The inspector is also likely to point out dusty ducts and vents.

Understanding Your New HVAC System

Investing in a home comes with a lot to figure out, which can leave on confused about where to begin and finish. Out of all the things that need to be done, the most crucial is to ensure that a house is a place of safety for its occupants from external elements. Cold, heat, and storms are some of the significant elements one is protected from with a roof over their heads, and this is done efficiently with the help of an HVAC system .

Duct Cleaning Prevents Allergies

Poor air quality in your home can be as a result of a lot more than just common pollutants that can be found everywhere. In some cases, a dirty environment is usually as a result of:

• Smoke from constant cigarette smoking
• Mold growth
• Debris from construction or remodeling work
• Lack of proper ventilation, which can be caused by a poorly functioning HVAC system .

Home Air Quality and Respiratory Complications

Asthma and allergies are some of the most common complications experienced across the globe. Even with a large percentage of people suffering from these issues, a lot of awareness has yet to be created around the preventive measures to avoid getting them and ways to handle them if they have already taken root. One of the most effective ways one can maintain their lung health at top condition is by keeping air ducts clean.


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