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Latest Agricultural Machinery for Maximum Productivity & Efficiency | Khetigaadi

Submitted by Rohan123 on Fri, 02/17/2023 - 21:02

Agriculture machinery refers to the various types of equipment and tools used in agricultural practices to increase efficiency and productivity. These machines are designed to help farmers carry out various tasks such as plowing, planting, harvesting, irrigating, and transporting crops.
Agriculture machinery has been around for centuries, but it has evolved significantly over time with the development of new technologies. Modern agriculture machinery includes tractors, combines, harvesters, planters, seeders, cultivators, sprayers, and many other specialized tools.

Popular Brush Cutter Model, Price, and Specification In India - Khetigaadi

Submitted by Rohan123 on Thu, 02/16/2023 - 23:02

About Brush Cutter
A brush cutter is a gardening tool that cuts through dense vegetation such as thick grass, weeds, brush, and small trees. It is a versatile machine that can be used for a variety of tasks, including clearing land, cutting back overgrown hedges, and maintaining garden borders.
A brush cutter typically consists of a gasoline-powered engine that drives a rotating blade or string head. The blade or string is designed to cut through tough vegetation, and the machine is designed to be easy to maneuver and use.

Powerful Tillers for Agriculture and Landscape Operations -Khetigaadi

Submitted by Rohan123 on Tue, 02/14/2023 - 22:28

About Power Tiller
A power tiller is an agricultural Implements that can be used for cultivation, tillage, planting, or weeding. It has a set of blades (tines) installed on a wheel chassis and is therefore powered by an electric motor or a gasoline engine. Power tillers are most appropriate for smaller or marginal producers. Everyone will be using power tillers. Walking tractors that till soil include power tillers.

Eicher 485 Tractor Price, Specification, and Price | Khetigaadi -2023

Submitted by Rohan123 on Mon, 02/13/2023 - 21:57

About Eicher 485
The Eicher 485 is the most powerful series on the Eicher tractor. Buying this tractor model is definitely a smart decision for Indian farmers. The Eicher 485 tractor's efficiency can add significant value to your farms and provide significant profits. The well-known 485 tractor is a good choice for your next tractor. Check out the details below to understand everything there is to know about the Eicher 485 before buying any tractor. Eicher 485 price in 2023 may be

Massy Ferguson Tractor Popular Model And Specification | Khetigaadi

Submitted by Rohan123 on Fri, 02/10/2023 - 22:01

About Massey Ferguson Tractor
One of the most trusted names in the tractor industry is the Massey Ferguson tractor, which comes from the TAFE brand, which is really well-known all over the world for manufacturing the greatest tractors available. Daniel Massey, who established the Massey Ferguson Company in 1847, is also its founder. Daniel Massey was a farmer who also manufactured farm equipment. It is a reputable corporation that offers agricultural equipment to advance the agriculture industry. The company continuously creates high-quality, high-performance equipment.

Latest Agriculture Implements And Specification | Khetigaadi -2023

Submitted by Rohan123 on Thu, 02/09/2023 - 21:01

About Agriculture Implements

Agricultural implements are tools or equipment that agricultural are using to assist farmers with a wide range of tasks, including planting, cultivating, and harvesting crops. Plows, harrows, tractor, and agricultural equipment are some examples. These tools improve agriculture operations' efficiency and productivity, making it easier for farmers to plant and harvest crops on a large scale.

Top Agriculture Implements for Your Tractor



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