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World of Warcraft Teases New Orc and Human Heritage Armor Questlines

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Submitted by qassd on Thu, 03/02/2023 - 17:10

World of Warcraft gives the official preview from the Orc and Human Heritage Armor sets and also the accompanying questlines to unlock them.
World of Warcraft just gave players a sneak preview from the Orc and Human Heritage Armor sets and questlines arriving in Dragonflight patch 10.0.7. These amazing new World of Warcraft armor sets can be found in multiple types and colors and can involve lore-rich quests to unlock them.

WoW Dragonflight Ultimate Alt Gearing Up Guide

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Submitted by qassd on Thu, 03/02/2023 - 00:09

Gearing up is an important part of WoW. Dragonflight isn't an exception. Instead of your primary, we'll talk about how you can gear up your alts.

Get 5 Sparks
You can begin by getting five Sparks of Ingenuity as well as your Essence Detector using the alt skip. Go to this NPC called Greyzic Cobblefinger and select the best dialogue option. With this, although you craft or get somebody to craft 5 items of high-level 392 gear, however, the detector can get you even more Sparks while you play.

Elden Ring: Invasion Quest Guide

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Submitted by qassd on Wed, 03/01/2023 - 20:06

Intruders of Elden Ring usually only have to wave their hands at them, plus they can find out the place and shoot down their targets. Lands Between in Elden Ring is a vast expanse with unknowns around every corner.

Especially when the PVP battle, the invaders also join the battle. That situation can be really dangerous for other players, nobody knows what's going to happen. Of course, from another perspective, this case is very good for PVP invaders.

WoW Dragonflight 10.0.7 PTR Gearing Guide for Mains & Alts

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Submitted by qassd on Tue, 02/28/2023 - 23:16

The patch 10.0.7 of WoW Dragonflight brings tons of new content covering gearing improvements to classes, here we've taken care of the new gearing means of your mains and alts within the PTR!
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WoW Dragonflight 10.0.7 Mains & Alts Gearing Methods


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Submitted by qassd on Tue, 02/28/2023 - 18:55

Genshin Impact is a highly popular RPG that involves collecting your superheroes as party members when you traverse the concept of Teyvat as The Traveler, the main protagonist trying to find their lost sibling.
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200 FCR Sorceress Guide - D2R

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Submitted by qassd on Sun, 02/26/2023 - 22:14

The Sorc is among the most beloved hero classes in Diablo II. Fast and powerful, the Fire Sorceress is a favorite among the PvM community because of its impressive selection of skills and powerful damage output. Fortunately, there’s a build that maximizes your potential, letting you be the strongest Fire Sorceress you can be.

Setting Up Your Character
Before you begin investing in a gear build, you must understand the basic stats of the character.
Base Stats


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Submitted by qassd on Fri, 02/24/2023 - 00:33

As Dragonflight progresses, WoW players are breaking away from the traditional mold of party lineups. They start tinkering with unusual combinations. As of now, the increasing trend of all-tank squads takes the community by storm, and his or her remarkable success in Mythic+ (M+) and raids is constantly on the surprise.



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