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Type 2A Diamond

Type 2A diamond is said to be the purest diamond because this diamond does not contain impurities like boron and nitrogen. This diamond is more expensive than other diamonds. Type 2A diamonds are generally those ancient diamonds that were found during the time of kings and queens. Type 2A diamonds are often colorless or nearly colorless. Shiv Shambu brings to its customers an exclusive collection of Type 2A diamonds with GIA certificates at reasonable prices. Visit our online store for more information and to purchase Type 2A diamonds.

$10000 Diamonds

When you're looking to buy diamonds for $10000 you've come to the right place because on Shiv Shambu you get many types of diamonds in your budget. Shiv Shambu not only provides quality diamonds to its customers but also provides GIA Certified Diamonds which makes your purchase even easier. Shiv Shambu gives Diamonds to its customers at a reasonable price, so that the customer can buy the Diamonds of his choice.

Strong Blue Discounted Diamonds

If you are looking for Diamonds, you have come to the right place as Shiv Shambu is offering its customers a wide variety of collections at affordable prices, one of which is Strong Blue Diamond. These diamonds are graded by GIA Lab and these diamonds are fully GIA certified diamonds. For more information and to make Strong Blue Diamonds your own, visit our online store.

Very Slightly Included Diamonds (VSI)

Very Slightly Included (VS) Category Diamonds have slight inclusions. The inclusions found in the VS category cannot be seen by the naked eye. The VS category is divided into 2 grades, first VS1 and second VS2. VS1 grade refers to a higher clarity grade than the VS2 grade. VS category diamonds are very beautiful and shiny. Visit our online store to learn more about and buy VS-grade diamonds.

Princess Shape Diamond

The shape of the Princess Diamond is square, this diamond is one of the most sought-after diamonds. Due to the ladder cut in this diamond, when the light passes through these diamonds, it gets scattered in all the four directions. This diamond is also used to express love, so people prefer to wear these rings in proposal rings as well. To get the best princess diamond to visit our online store.

pear cut diamond price

The pear cut is also known as teardrop or pen lock cut diamond. A pear diamond can also be called a round diamond because this diamond is oval in appearance. These diamonds are one of the most preferred diamonds to be worn in necklaces. Pear diamonds are one of the favorites in engagement rings, wedding rings, and proposal rings. These diamonds are very beautiful and shiny in appearance.

Elongated Cushion Cut Diamonds

Elongated cushion-cut diamonds look similar to regular cushion-cut diamonds. These diamonds are larger in size than ordinary cushion diamonds. Elongated cushion cut diamonds are one of the preferred diamonds for diamond rings. These diamonds are very shiny so these diamonds attract people even more.

65% Off Diamonds

If you are looking for a diamond then buy the best diamond at 65% off because Shiv Shambu has brought you the best Diamond at 60 to 65% off. You can buy diamonds with a choice of cut, color, and clarity at Shiv Shambu. Shiv Shambu gives you complete information about 4Cs which makes Diamond buying easier for you. Shiv Shambu not only gives you a 60 to 65% discount but also gives GIA-certified diamonds so to buy Diamonds visit our online store.


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