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Adventure Paddle Boards in Jamesport, New York

Adventure Paddleboards and Kayaks is family owned and operated. Safety is our first priority; we are CPR certified and provide all necessary safety gear to insure peace of mind. We love sharing our passion for stand up paddle boarding, our local waterways and respect for nature. Contact us for Paddle Boarding Classed in Jamesport, New York

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Free tools for small business

1. Save your business for free in COVID-19
Large enterprises are helping small businesses to get through this critical situation.
• Microsoft
Microsoft is offering free subscription of Microsoft Teams, communication, and team collaboration for six months
• GoDaddy
GoDaddy is offering multiple marketing tools for free. In addition, you can have a 3-month free subscription with added features.
• Cicco
You can rest assured as Cisco is offering free Duo security two-factor authentication for a limited period.
• Mail Chimp


The short answer is YES.

But let’s delve deeper.

We are currently living in an age dominated by digital gadgets.

The impact of this digital transformation is evident in all types of businesses. It is now clear that large scale businesses cannot survive without having a digital infrastructure

What Do I Mean by Online Presence?
Online presence for a business is the business’s website, social media profiles, online listing in business directories, and any other digital spaces where customers can find you.

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