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Small Business Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs in India

Women have begun to emerge from the shadows and pursue their goals all over the world. Every woman is an enigma, endowed with beautiful talents and exceptional abilities. In a developing country like India, the gender gap is slowly but steadily closing. On the one hand, women may be hardworking mothers while still having a good career.
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Best Optional Subject for UPSC IAS MAINS- An Easy Detailed Guide

Everyone who is planning to take the civil services exam spends a lot of time deciding on the best UPSC optional subject. Though there is only one topic to choose from for UPSC. However, this one issue has the potential to make or break the candidate.
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How to prepare for IAS/UPSC Civil Services Exam

Many young students aspire to work for the government in the future by taking the IAS and UPSC exams. When your goal is lofty, it's easy to get caught up in the dilemma of how to plan. These exams necessitate a high level of commitment, perseverance, and practise. You must be transparent about what the action plan is and how you want to carry it out.
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Best optional subject in UPSC- Pro tips for civil services

The UPSC is in charge of administering the IAS test. Prelims, Mains, and the Personality Test are the three phases of the study. Every year, tens of thousands of people apply. Which UPSC optional subject should you choose? However, in the Mains stage of the test, one must choose an optional subject, which can make a significant difference.
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Unemployed Engineers in India - Career options and Side earning jobs

With high hopes and aspirations of joining the multibillion-dollar software industry, I completed my BTech. But when I entered the job market, I quickly realised that I was an outcast in this field due to my lack of experience, skills, and attitude. This article is for India's unemployed engineers.
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Smartly Justify a big gap after Graduation on your Resume- Pro tips and some side earning jobs.

Most of us are on different career paths and have completely different viewpoints on our plans. Taking breaks during your working years may be a good idea for you, but it may not be for others. Every company nowadays is looking for dependable workers, and a large gap in your resume after graduation might be a red flag.
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How to explain a 3 year gap after B.Tech-Manage like a Pro.

It is now very normal to have a three-year gap in your career after completing your BTech. It's becoming more popular to take a few years off after graduation to study for a government entrance exam or gain job experience. Although a 3 year gap after BTech on your resume does not give your hiring manager a positive impression, there are ways to clarify the gap.
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Top Competitive Exams after 10th, students can prepare

The lifeblood of college admissions is competitive examinations. They are a method for colleges to classify and pick prospective students from a large pool of applicants. Their goal is to assess abilities, as well as evaluate and analyse the student's ability. Let's take a look at some post-tenth-grade competitive exams. Most students are familiar with the most popular post-tenth-grade entrance exams: NEET, JEE, and CLAT. There are tests that are taken on a national basis.

List of competitive exams you can give after 12th for getting government jobs

There are certain milestones in every student's life, and the tenth and twelveth grades are two of them. As a result, passing these major distinctions is a big deal in and of itself. There is a large number of people who want to study for their graduations, but there is also a group of students who begin studying for competitive exams for government jobs.

Top Trending Entrance Exams after Graduation

What kind of entrance test do you want to take after graduation? Or, if you're looking for a job after graduation, what are the competitive exams you should take? If you are really interested in teaching, you can simply sit at home and become a private tutor for the subject that you studied in college or for the entrance exam that you have already passed with flying colours, both Offline and Online.


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