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Promotion of Head-to-Head Match with FC Seoul at the End of May

Barcelona Visits Korea for the First Time in 14 Years... Promotion of Head-to-Head Match with FC Seoul at the End of May

Preparing for ‘event match’ on May 30th or 31st.

FC Barcelona, ​​a prestigious Spanish professional soccer club in the Primera Liga, will visit Korea for the first time in 14 years to face off against K League 1 FC Seoul.

Spanish media 'Sport' reported on the 29th (local time), "Barcelona plans to end this season by playing a friendly match in Korea," and added, "It has been decided to hold a friendly match in Korea in the last week of May."

KT Park Kyung-soo, LG and Korean Series are Special

KT Park Kyung-soo "LG and the Korean Series are Special... Park Byung-ho Should also Wear a Championship Ring"

Park Kyung-soo and Park Byeong-ho, who started their professional careers at LG, face off against LG and KS.

Park Kyung-soo (39, kt wiz) said, “The Korean Series (KS) against the LG Twins is very special.”

Even during the fierce playoff (PO) against NC Dinos, Park Kyung-soo said, "PO hasn't even finished yet, but people around me are asking, 'How will you feel if you play against LG and KS?'"

Early Morning Open Run Driven by Ryu Hyun-jin

Early Morning Open Run Driven by Ryu Hyun-jin… “I Woke Up at 2:30”

Ryu Hyun-jin takes the mound in his first exhibition game... 3,500 people flocked despite rain forecast during the day on weekdays

Shin Woo-jae (26), an office worker and baseball fan living in Daejeon, woke up to an alarm on his cell phone at 2:30 a.m. on the 12th.

After washing his face, Mr. Shin put on the Hanwha Eagles uniform that he had kept for himself and left the house through the pitch-black darkness.

The destination he headed to was Daejeon Hanwha Life Eagles Park.

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