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The Beginner’s Guide to Making Mixed Media Art

Create value with what is left in your house with mixed media acrylic!
Here's how I got started with mixed-media acrylic artwork: As January approached, I realized my supply budget would never survive the remainder of the year. For example, no matter how much white paint I order or the projects I work on, I always run out.
This realization, combined with a conversation I had with a nice lady who leads Art and Success' trainings in mixed media painting technique using acrylic, shifted me away from pop art and into mixed media art.

A Guide to Creating Your Own Encaustic Wax Art

What encaustic wax art?
Encaustic art is a centuries-old painting method in which wax and pigment are fused together with heat to create a work of art. For those who have not yet attended an encaustic class, encaustic is simply paint prepared from a combination of white pure beeswax, natural dammar tree sap, and pigment powder. Attending Art and Success’s encaustic workshops can help you learn encaustic painting.

What are the Benefits of Online Art School?

What isan online art school?
An online art school is an educational institution with a primary focus on online-based visual arts teaching and learning, especially for courses or skills in illustration, painting, photography, sculpture, and graphic design. Art schools can offer elementary, secondary, post-educational, or undergraduate programs, and can also offer a broad-based range of programs such as liberal arts and sciences.

How to Become a Self-Supporting Artist

Who is a self-supporting artist?
A self-supporting artist is an artist who is first and foremost a businessperson. He or she starts their business as an artist and slowly grows it into a full-time job.
It's vital to note that when an artist reaches the point of self-sufficiency in their creative enterprise, they will have honed their personal color to the point where it may cause some significant adjustments in both their approach and initial vision.

How to Improve Cold Wax and Acrylic Painting: Watch and Learn Library

Cold wax painting acrylic
Cold wax is a painting medium with a whole genre of painting associated with it. The medium is neither defined by the subject matter nor the degree of its realism or abstraction, rather, it is unified by artists’ shared interest in experimentation, texture, and physicality of paint layers. Cold wax actually blurs the line between oil painting and encaustic painting.
Cold wax and acrylic paint


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