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Pillow boxes in the USA have always been a huge success, especially since the Great Depression era. During that time, people used to stack up their blankets, pillowcases, and quilts to form a box which they called a pillow box or a tummy tuck box. These used to be sold in the corner of the market or at the grocers. It was not until the Great Depression when these things became popular. But that is not the cause of their popularity.

Surgical Face Mask Boxes in the USA and Canada

Customized face mask boxes are a great alternative to standard medical supply boxes. A customized box is not simply a standard box, but it is custom-designed with the patient's specific needs in mind. For example, the box can be made in the shape of the patient's face or nose. The sutures used in the box are specially shaped so as not to leave unsightly scars or cut lines on the patient's face. These boxes may also have built-in dividers and compartments for easy storage of nasal gear, medications, instruments, and other items.


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