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You must have the right ice hockey equipment

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You must have the right ice hockey equipment Brand ice hockey stick because they are not only designed for the game, but also for your protection during the game. Ice hockey is a game that uses special kind of skates. Earlier, these were simple metal blades attached to normal shoes. Other equipment for ice hockey include hockey stick, shin guards, mouth guard, helmet combo, jock or cup, elbow and shoulder pads, gloves, and hockey pants.

Hockey Skates

Skates are one of the ice hockey equipment that comes in a variety and with different traits. You can find many brands with varying price tags. They resemble boots. The earlier skates were made from the leg bones of ox, deer, or horse. Players used leather straps to fasten them to their feet. The modern skates are made of ballistic nylon, molded plastic, and leather. Generally, the liner features hydrophobic synthetic leather. You can find tech mesh, which is extremely light in weight, and thermoformed X-rib pattern. The footbed of the skates consists of a dry-grip moisture system and the outsole has tiny pores in it and is either of complete texellium or carbon composite. The ankle pads are made of foam.

Other Hockey Equipment

Ice hockey sticks feature a long and thin shaft, 150-200 cm long, with a flat extension on one end. The blade is 10-15 cm long, which comes in contact with the puck.

Shin guard protects your knee from slips. They are designed in such a way that your legs can breathe through them. Shoulder pads protect your muscles and joints from shock. The pads 3K Senior P3 Hall ice hockey stick are light in weight. You can adjust them to fit your chest and arms. This equipment features compression block technology.

Ice hockey helmets are one of the vital ice hockey equipment. This is combined with a mask to make the perfect head gear for the game. The equipment features VN foam liner with single density, polyethylene ear cover that can be detached, and a single system for tool adjustment. The gear comes with a floating chin cup, straight bar facemask, and dual ridge crown.

The goal keeper has a set of equipment that includes goal skates, stick, blocker, chest and arm protector, goalie mask, glove jock, pants, pads, socks, and catch glove.

Maintenance Of Ice Hockey Equipment

Your ice hockey equipment requires regular maintenance to keep them in top condition. After each game, you must clean or wash the equipment and hang them to air dry. Use your hands to scrub them with detergent.

If there is a tear in the gloves or jersey, you can easily fix it on your own. To hang the wet hockey gear, which gets heavy with all the water in them, you can get special kit hangers. Your regular hangers can also do, if they are strong enough to endure the weight of the gear.