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Xtep manufacture of sustainable development

Submitted by yesilm on Mon, 09/28/2015 - 18:32

Recently, the Chinese Academy of Engineering Zhou Ji carry Academy of Sciences, Qinghua University and other academicians, experts here Quanzhou "NC generation" demonstration project Xtep automation Jerod Mayo Jersey research and development base for field research.

It is reported that in July this year, the Chinese Academy of Engineering decided to Quanzhou as "Made in China 2025" The only place to model and practice examples, and the organization of academicians, experts to help prepare "Quanzhou manufacturing 2025 Development Program and the 2020 Action Plan" for the fight Quanzhou Manufacturing Strong City draw a clear roadmap.

Xtep "NC generation" automated shoe production line project was listed in Quanzhou only "NC generation" demonstration project. The project is the company's 2014 annual key technology projects for the improvement of manufacturing processes and technological innovation, promote the automation of production and intelligent management, improve production efficiency and product quality, and establish cost leadership, rapid response supply chain and environmentally friendly energy factories, to achieve industry lead, competitive advantage and Xtep manufacture of sustainable development, senior vice president of special step group manufacturing division general manager, head of the pro, and Black Edition Automation Technology Co., Ltd., Nan'an City Southern Star Industrial Machinery Co., Ltd., a limited Fukunari sewing equipment The company, to exercise footwear Equipment Co., Ltd., Quanzhou local Nike Air Max 1 Heren suppliers sincere cooperation. Among them, special steps introduction of the automatic spray lines, 3D intelligent shoe knitting machine, computer tricks machines, automatic (intelligent) India-ray machine, automatic punching machines and other equipment. Currently, the project has received five patents, pending patent 22.

Earlier, the Chinese Academy Nike Air Max 1 Femme of Engineering proposed "intelligent manufacturing, improve the quality of the brand, the development of service-oriented manufacturing," three special action plan, and given to the President of the visit special steps, it is "Made in China 2025" Program for the Development of the strategy recommended by a business practice . Site survey, Zhou Ji president proposed a "production, learning and research, and with the integration," the idea, pointing out intelligent manufacturing digital network is the inevitable trend of the future of the manufacturing industry, and special steps highly automated production line recognition and appreciation.