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Womens how to put lace teddy bodysuit one (I’m not talking about teddybear!)

Submitted by alitoabo on Tue, 09/22/2015 - 23:53

Lace teddy bodysuit have been flouncing around the streets and runways for a few seasons, and they are nowhere sexier than in the boudoir. As a designer, I love designing rompers and teddies. Because they hug the body and visually create one sleek shape for the torso, they are a canvas for creating incredibly flattering and sexy detailing. They can be used to highlight a tiny waist or cute derriere, while drawing attention away from areas that some ladies would rather keep on the DL.

So many women love them–on the hanger. Customers say to me all the time, “I LOVE this, but I could never WEAR it!” Au contraire, ladies.

Here are some tips from someone who designs , loves, and WEARS teddies:

1) Peek-a-boo! 
Not ready to go full teddy yet? There’s nothing more playful or alluring than a little peek of teddy under your civilian clothes. A deep V cardigan or top, or a flowy blouse with open armholes can be perfect introductions for a little ruffle or lace to say hello to the world. The world, in turn, will do a double take….and say a friendly hello back.

For a sporty look like Gwen Stefani’s, try multiple layers with contrast colors. Or if you want a more delicate look, try it with just a tiny bit of lace visible. Remember, a little lace goes a long way, so keep your outer layer simple and your lacy piece mostly covered. To really show off your favorite opaque teddy, try it with a high-waisted long skirt or pants.

2) Sun and Fun!
Who says loungewear is only for lounging inside? Summertime and early Fall are practically invitations to rename your romper a “cover-up” and take it to the pool or beach! So lounge away in your swimsuit and romper–and accessorize with some bright wedges and lip gloss, and maybe a bronzed lifeguard or two.

3) Let Me Teddy into Something More Comfortable…

A couple glasses of wine, a romantic dinner…you disappear into your bedroom and then emerge in a stunning teddy and a robe just barely closed…his jaw drops…need I say more? Here is a pick from my own line and a picture of the mistress of teddies, Bettie Page!

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