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A woman's beauty lies in refinement, and femininity lies in elegant dressing

Submitted by blueandred on Mon, 07/26/2021 - 00:35

Some may be plump, some may be thin, but with a three-dimensional skeleton, you can hold a piece together and wear it to the effect you want.
But not all girls have the perfect three-dimensional body, then for our kind of ordinary body girls, it can be in the dressing down article, today to introduce some can make the body more three-dimensional dressing secret, although the summer dressing simple, but careful machine but full of.
When we talk about making the body more three-dimensional, we can look at it from three angles, first of all the half-sleeved or long-sleeved items that are worn alone, which make the body more three-dimensional mostly through the design of the cuffs and collar to reflect.
This set, for example, is a modified Chinese cheongsam, with a very traditional cheongsam design for the neckline, but instead of a natural straight fall in the cuffs like a traditional cheongsam, a shoulder pad is chosen, instantly giving us a more three-dimensional shoulder line from a visual effect.
The sweet design can also often be combined with bubble sleeves, a combination that has become very popular this year, it is a modern take on French dressing with a fluffy texture that gives our outfits an easy oxygen feel.
In the summer it is unbearable to stick to the body as opposed to bad pieces, so a strong sense of oxygen makes it easier for us to match and be casual, while increasing the sense of space and also enhancing the three-dimensional feel of the whole outfit.
Some girls may feel that bubble sleeves and large padded shoulders are too abrupt and can look a little too solid, but padded shoulders are indeed a very simple design that can make our shoulders look more three-dimensional, so if you feel that ordinary padded shoulders are too obvious, you may want to try a lace sleeve and padded shoulder pairing like the one in the picture.
The lace has a certain hollowed out feel to it, and with the lace at the hem of the sleeves, the whole set is a lovely combination that emphasises the shoulder line, and for mature women, this little design can also be more age-defying.
It is also vital to match the shoulders with the neckline. First of all, to make our shoulder line more prominent, then the contrast of the neckline can be used to present such an effect.
For example, the vertical narrow will highlight the horizontal wide, so V-neck is a very good choice, the picture is very simple arc-shaped v-neck with black half-sleeves, in the shoulders to form a relatively tight and smooth lines, but such tight-fitting single product is not too suitable for girls with particularly collapsed shoulders oh.
The long-sleeved shirt in this picture combines almost all of the above points, firstly the small stacked design at the shoulders, which visually enhances the shoulder line, and secondly the slim v-neck, which makes the shoulder line appear broader through contrast, thus enhancing the sense of dimension.
The last thing is the cuffs, although not the bubble sleeves you saw before, but the lantern sleeves can also present a loose space effect, mature oxygen beauty can easily wear out!
Next is how to wear a sleeveless item with a sense of three-dimensional, in the summer, many sleeveless with the default is almost no enhancements to the body of the single product, but in fact, from the colour and design up to choose, sleeveless with can also be very three-dimensional.
For example, the picture in this both wear colour contrast, and choose the horizontal neckline, the extension of the neckline can elongate the shoulder line highlight shoulder joints.
The second is still to emphasize the importance of the neckline, choose some big lapels, can make our ordinary dresses become more three-dimensional, while the big lapels, but also as a general suit can show a confident and elegant femininity, is absolutely career women in commuting indispensable a single product.
The next step is to show the three-dimensionality of the outfit by overlaying it, which is relatively simple, as two pieces are always richer than a single piece.
The easiest and most common way to match a dress with a suit jacket is to use a dress, which instantly adds a touch of handsomeness to the whole outfit.
Long sleeves can sometimes be too heavy, so in the summer heat, you can also choose some short-sleeved suits.
For example, in this set, a cream half-sleeve suit is paired with a deep purple dress, showing a touch of feminine gentleness and elegance amidst the nobility of the dress, while the sharp tailoring also adds a bit of dimension.
The last is a suit vest with, suit waistcoat completely without the heavy sense of the suit jacket, presenting a valiant and unique temperament, simple single product and can easily emphasize the line of the shoulder by overlap, so that the overall collocation is extra three-dimensional, even very thin girls can also be so with.Read more at:green formal dress | blue formal dresses