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A woman with taste is more elegant

Submitted by blueandred on Thu, 07/08/2021 - 23:58

Although we have repeatedly played down the impact of age on clothing, but it is undeniable that when referring to age, the psychological more or less there will be a little anxiety, trouble, because the gradual decline of the body can not avoid, the slowly withered spirit. We can't fight the years, but we can make our lives better.
Putting your energy into body management and improving your appearance is far more practical than complaining. For example, Yoshiko Tomioka, the Japanese blogger we are going to share in this issue, has a silent and elegant aura and a good taste at the age of 50+. As a representative of light, middle-aged women, her style of dressing has always been sought after by many women.
For middle-aged women, skirts must be on the list if they want to look elegant and feminine. So let's take a look at how Tomioka Yoshiko uses skirt suits to create an elegant look in summer.
Skirts for middle-aged women, more to be decent. And summertime skirt outfit, if classify by its style, what can represent most is: elegant, temperament, intellectual 3 key words.
Not exaggerated, not tide is cool, some just composed neuter color, simple design, this and mature woman want "advanced feeling" happen to have the same view.
In the dress to wear, the first point is color choice. Tomioka Yoshiko prefers simple and atmospheric colors, such as basic black and white, low-key khaki, calm blue and so on. These colors seem simple, but they also contain the intellectual elegance anticipated by women.
The classic black dress is often associated with elegance. But not all little black dresses are elegant. They also need to meet the following characteristics: a sense of design and a sense of ventilation.
The black of large area gives a person depressing feeling easily, slant to complexion yellow, dark and heavy female is very unfriendly, should note cervical dew skin when the choice so, and those who contain a bit of design feeling will suit more. For example, in this suit, the large area of black, because of the perspective, gauze, skin dew, and bright earrings embellish, the overall look will not be so dull.
V-neck sleeveless white dress, waist back to put the design is a mature women must dress style. But this suit of rich oka jia son, long long will be slightly not neat, even if the waist + skin, the whole is not so refreshing. To such dress, length had better be in crus fine place, show sexy ankle, tie-in a pair of high-heeled shoes, do not break elegant wind model.
Besides basic black and white, collect mature, composed, elegant blue also suits middle aged woman very much at an organic whole. The color of the sky gives people a relaxed look, suitable for the hot and dry summer. Blue is a very test of texture color, well dressed people are very temperament, wear bad also easy to pull across. Rich gang jia son chose the blue skirt outfit of real silk and stripe more intelligently, because the design, qualitative ability can foil the temperament that gives blue directly, relative character, better control a few.
The second point is to understand the sense of design. A dress with design can be a great addition to a more basic look, but many people tend to look older when they wear a dress with design, mainly because it doesn't match the rules of simple wear.
At middle - aged female character, what dress abreast is simple is temperamental cultivation, go up in the selection of element, design unfavorable overmuch. The best approach is a combination of simplicity and complexity.
For example, this suit, the blue shirt skirt is monotonous, but with the broken design, let the simple version, color has more breakthrough, the whole dress in the simple and complex between free, impartial, just right.
Here is a detailed talk about a lot of middle-aged women love floral skirt. For middle-aged women, floral dresses are designed to make them look good, but many people don't wear them properly, which can have the opposite effect. That is choosing broken flower skirt when two points, it is color light and appropriate, 2 it is the area should not be too big.
Do not choose color too bright-colored color already, can have expansion feeling and test the temperament of the person wearing already, with solid color is bottom, bright color or design and color add an ornament slightly can. To small small fat woman, in the area should not exceed ankle, otherwise easy to show sloppy. The best choice for a long dress is a pair of high-heeled shoes, which will be better controlled and more temperament-showing.
For the combination of simple and complicated, the key point is to look for characteristics under the condition of unity. For example, in this suit, the thin and see-through shirt is matched with the slits skirt. The detailed design of the two clothes is like matching, which will not appear heavy and complicated, but also gives the dress a strong sense of design.
Another point to note is that for women with belly fat, choosing to tuck only part of the top to the bottom will cover up the flesh and show slimming.
Simple white shirt and light half skirt are tie-in, colour is concise, so the little detail that uses dress will be influenced. For example, the irregular design of shirt sleeve wide edition, skirt outfit is designed, these are the details that let simple foundation money become fashionable. In addition, if clothing design is simple, so choose exaggerated act the role of an ornament also is the method of combination of a kind of complicated and simple, and such collocation still can let dress in detail place show delicate.Read more at:formal dresses online australia | short formal dresses