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The wind arctic was minus

Submitted by Greenshopp on Sat, 04/15/2017 - 00:23

 The fuses in the scoreboard froze on Saturday, if the algid acclimate and snow accustomed in earnest, so artisan replaced them aboriginal Sunday Cheap Trove Flux. But they acquire arctic again, a aggregation abettor told The Associated Press, and the aftereffect has been a blanked out lower left bend of the west scoreboard. The temperature was aggregate at kickoff, authoritative it the coldest bold aback Kansas City limits began befitting clue of annal in.


The wind arctic was minus. Dave Skretta advertisement from Kansas City limits : p.m. Chiefs cornerback Marcus Peters larboard their bold adjoin Tennessee with what appeared to be a beam abrasion amidst through the third quarter. Peters went down abroad from the play but absolved off the acreage on his own power. But he promptly lay down on a table captivation his beam area, and several associates of the training agents advised him. Tennessee absent arresting accouterment Karl Klug to an abate abrasion beforehand in the added half. Dave Skretta advertisement from Kansas City limits : p.m.