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Why Magic: The Gathering's Perfect Crossover Would Be With Elden Ring

Submitted by xhy082801 on Wed, 03/29/2023 - 19:47

MTG's Universes Beyond crossovers brought characters from LotR, Warhammer 40K, and much more to life. Now it's time for MTG to feature Elden Ring Items.

Wizards from the Coast isn't any stranger to crossovers. In recent years, Magic: The Gathering continues to be experimenting by releasing more and much more cards according to franchises away from MTG multiverse. Secret Lair drops are community favorites, and have a few cards according to characters from another IP, like Stranger Things, and Street Fighter as well as MTG's latest crossover with D&D: Honor Among Thieves. But MTG's crossovers truly shine in the Universes Beyond expansions.

Universes Beyond sets feature familiar characters and settings from another franchise, like Warhammer 40,000 and also the upcoming LotR crossover set Tales of Middle-earth. They're some of the most intriguing and flavorful cards ever printed and permit Wizards to understand more about MTG's mechanics with the lens of some other world. MTG owes a great deal to fantasy, specifically Dungeons & Dragons, therefore it naturally utilizes LotR and 40K -- but one game particularly would be ideal for a Universes Beyond crossover with MTG, and that is the fantasy RPG giant Elden Ring.

Elden Ring's Themes Translate Perfectly to MTG

FromSoftware's Elden Ring was released this past year to an explosive reception, also it’s no real surprise it won Game of the Year. It improved around the punishing-but-fair formula that started with Demon’s Souls and continued with the Dark Souls series and Bloodborne. FromSoftware expertly weaves dark fantasy themes plus a rich but enigmatic narrative, also it makes to have an experience like none other. Elden Ring's epic fantasy themes possess a lot that is similar to MTG, and it is the world is filled with creatures and settings that are ideal for MTG cards.

Elden Ring's first area, Limgrave, is fantastic for green Magic: The Gathering cards. Fearsome creatures like rune-bears, giants, and demi-humans prowl the forests of Limgrave. These beasts are thematically many like cards from MTG's other green decks, also it would make sense to allow them to have mechanics like trample. The Tree Sentinel, Erdtree Avatars, and Tree Spirits are perfect as legendary creatures, and locations like Mistwood, Stormhill, and also the Weeping Peninsula could be perfect green land cards.

Liurnia from the Lakes fittingly represents blue mana in MTG, using its strong concentrate on crystal magic, and also the Academy of Raya Lucaria would obviously be a legendary blue land card. Blue characters like Ranni and Renalla are wonderful Planeswalkers, and bosses like Royal Knight Loretta from Caria Manor, or Astel, Naturalborn from the Void from beneath Ranni's plateau, could be fascinating to determine as legendary creatures.

Elden Ring Has Something for All of MTG's Color Identities

Elden Ring comes complete with settings and themes that perfectly represent MTG's white mana in most of its forms. The Erdtree is easily the prime example, standing tall within the Lands Between like a glowing symbol of order and prosperity. Altus Plateau is the best place for white land cards, particularly the golden streets of Leyndell, the Royal Capital. Epic characters like Margit, Radagon, and Godfrey are perfect for legendary creatures or Planeswalkers, as well as the brilliant Elden Beast.

Fearsome fighters like Alexander the Warrior Jar, Malenia, Radahn, and Hoarah Loux could be the perfect red Planeswalkers. The relentless infection of Caelid's Scarlet Rot might make for an interesting twist on red mana in MTG, however, the Mountaintops from the Giants probably take advantage sense like a setting for red land cards. The Forge from the Giants could be considered a great legendary land or artifact, and also the Fire Giant would certainly be considered a formidable creature to manage in battle.

Elden Ring's most sinister themes excellently represent black mana in MTG. The Lands Between's darkest reaches are ideal for black land cards, like Deeproot Depths and also the Subterranean Shunning Grounds. The Deathbed Companion Fia could be the ideal Planeswalker. Lichdragon Fortissax and also the Godskin Duo might be fun and powerful legendary creatures, and also the Lake of Rot and Caelid's Swamp of Aeonia are highly fitting for dual-color red and black lands. Elden Ring has a lot to offer all of MTG's color identities, and also the possibilities are endless.

Elden Ring's Game Director Hidetaka Miyazaki Loves MTG

Game director Hidetaka Miyazaki may be the creative mind who brought Elden Ring alive. He's famously keen on tabletop games, and Miyazaki even said he's keen on MTG. Bloodborne has lots of things that are similar to MTG's Innistrad, and fans have speculated that Miyazaki's designs were probably inspired by a minimum of a few MTG cards. Given he's an admirer, it makes sense that he'd become more than pleased to collaborate with MTG on the Universes Beyond set.

The mysterious, somber realm of elden ring items has a lot to bring to MTG. The Lands Between comes complete with characters, creatures, and settings that perfectly align with all five MTG's color identities, there are so many amazing possibilities for epic cards.