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Why don't you look good in a black coat

Submitted by blueandred on Tue, 11/16/2021 - 03:30

Although there are many items that can help women resist the cold and create a fashionable look in winter, most people still prefer black coats when choosing styles, as can be seen from street photos or bloggers' wear. Winter is the home ground of black coats.
Of course, although black coat is contracted classic, having extremely strong plasticity again, but also compare test to dress skill base. If you don't look good in a "black coat"? The reason may be in these five points, you might as well look before wearing!
First, the internal selection is wrong
Black coat can be used to deduce a variety of styles, sweet can be cool, can be advanced can be elegant, which takes a more important role.
Ordinary people are easy to make two mistakes, the first is to keep warm and wear all kinds of thick inside, which will undoubtedly cause wear cumbersome, but also reduce the sense of wear senior, if the head is not high, it is more difficult to control.
General direct combination heat preservation effect more powerful bottom unlined upper garment is ok, office little sister need not worry about to be short of temperature completely.
The second pitfall is to use loud bras to boost your fashion sense. If you're not a blogger's driver and don't want to look out of place, avoid loud shirts.
You can switch to a plaid shirt or a desaturated floral shirt, but the best way to look stylish is to fold it over the base.
Two, improper color matching
If you want to wear a black coat with effortless fashion, you can avoid some mistakes by using color combinations.
Above all, middle-aged woman can do not think chromatic fastens sheet to taste the depressing feeling that can break black coat, match color undeserved minute makes dress greatly discount.
If you want to avoid wearing dull, then might as well use white, beige to enhance brightness, dress will be more relaxed.
Secondly, thinking that "all black" must be aged is also a mistake that many people are prone to make. The all-black color scheme has advantages and disadvantages, but the key lies in the collocation.
For example, combine black shark pants and black leather pants with a black woolen coat, or use gold accessories and chain bags to enhance the sense of sophistication, and you will find that the all-black color is really high-end.
Third, the bottoms do not match the black coat
If the selection of black coat interior mainly depends on the style and color, then the selection of lower clothing more depends on the reprint type and material.
First of all, in terms of the version, because most of the black coat is micro-outline, or slightly loose VERSION A, VERSION H, trouser suit version should avoid too loose, if the loose degree exceeds A certain range, then the overall shape is bound to lack of aesthetic feeling.
In the material, unless it is small pants, small straight pants, or must choose a strong sense of drape fabric, such as drape suit pants.
There is another material that suits trousers well with black coats, namely tannin.
When we don't know what to wear, we can choose blue jeans, gray and black jeans, white jeans, or beige jeans with a black coat for a stylish, age-reducing look.
Four, shoes do not fit me
There are so many shoes that can be combined with a black coat, like ankle boots, Martens, espadrilles, dad shoes, pointy toes, loafers, and so on, that you basically can't go wrong.
But when choosing shoes, we should not only consider shoes and coats, but also look at whether the shoes are suitable for them. First of all, many middle-aged women may choose thick soled shoes because they are not tall, which are not suitable for small people and easy to show thick legs.
Pumps, espadrilles or loafers can also be slimmer and taller, and can be sleek and lightweight for smaller people.
Another is to use a fancy style of shoes to enhance the highlight, such matching shoes easy to rob the black coat itself luster, but let the shape is not good-looking.
For a more stylish look, combine pointy ankle boots, thigh-high boots or martens for a stylish, stylish look.
Too many or too few accessories
Black coat is not good to wear, and the use of accessories is also related to the lack of accessories in the general shape, so it will be too monotonous, too many accessories will give people a sense of complexity.
Looking through the bloggers' black coats, it is clear that the top dressers have chosen fashion accessories, such as scarves, sunglasses and earrings, to distract the eye.Read more at:formal dresses | long formal dresses