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Why am I getting skinnier but not losing weight?

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There are a series of adjustments that you must make to get rid of the excess kilos. They are obvious, but hardly anyone does them
Losing weight sometimes requires more intelligence than anything else. When we try to lose weight we become obsessed and follow diets that we give up after a few weeks because we are unable to restrict ourselves so much.
If this is your case and you know that following a strict regimen is not for you, it is best to make small changes every day. It is not about going crazy with the limits, but about being aware that everything you do has consequences on your physique, and what you don't do, too. As Cholo says, ' game by game '.
Why don't you lose weight: six things you don't do?
The worst thing about wanting to lose pounds and trying is dealing with impatience. We believe that by taking our bread off, for example, we are going to lose a lot of weight a week, when the reality is that by making other adjustments we will multiply the results.
So that you do not waste time and make your weight loss effective, we bring you the six things that you are not doing and that could make you lose weight faster:
1) Eat 'real food'
Although it may seem otherwise, a calorie from a natural food and one from a processed one are not the same. The effect of 300 calories from green beans will not have the same effect on your body as 300 calories from a pizza, for example. Your body processes what you eat differently depending on the composition of what you eat.
Therefore, the more natural and clean you eat, the better. Opt for vegetables, lean meats, nuts ... Everything that does not come in containers will go well for you.
2) eat greener
Only 9% of adults meet the minimum recommended amount of eating at least two cups of vegetables a day, and if we did, we would be much leaner and healthier.
The non - starchy vegetables, such as leafy green (broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, zucchini ...) and peppers, mushrooms and onions are not only rich in nutrients, but also have only 25 calories per cup. That is, you can fill your plate to the top with these natural foods and not get fat.
3) Drink more water
In addition to keeping you hydrated, drinking water speeds up your metabolism by 24-30%, according to several studies, like this one and this one.
Although it works, the positive effects on metabolism are short-lived, about 60-90 minutes, so you should drink water often throughout the day.
4) Have a fixed meal schedule
The more you regulate your meal schedule, the better you will be at being slim and healthy. The body must be taught when to eat and when not to eat, as well as the large intestine when it comes to evacuating.
Ideally, if your work allows it and whenever possible, you should always have breakfast, lunch and dinner at the same time. This way you will not only avoid snacking between meals, but you will not devour any meal and you will feel satiated more easily.
And, if you can, try not to make dinner later than 8 pm, since everything you eat after that time will make you twice as fat.
5) Spending many hours without eating
If you go more than three hours without eating anything, you fall into the risk of devouring in the next intake, therefore, if you are eating a lot, it is good that you start by eating five meals a day, distributed as follows:
• Breakfast: 8 hours.
• Mid-morning: 11 am.
• Lunch: 14 hours.
• Snack: 17 hours.
• Dinner: 20 hours.
At mid-morning and mid-afternoon you can eat a piece of fruit, some cold turkey meat, a yogurt or a small handful of dried fruit (preferably walnuts or almonds). By doing this, you will avoid being too hungry and / or anxious between main meals, and will keep your body 'running' and alert, also speeding up your metabolism.
6) eat more of your food
88% of Spaniards who eat outside the home do so in a restaurant, and only 12% eat from their own container. Outcome? Those of the first group, that is, almost all of us, end up ingesting more calories than we can afford, coming from fried foods, sauces, potatoes, desserts ...
It is best to eat our own food, cooked by ourselves (or our families). So you will know exactly how it is cooked, what is in it, how much oil has been used ... In addition to losing weight and being healthier, you will save money. All advantages.
Fat stored around the waist, sometimes called visceral fat or abdominal fat, may further increase the risk of heart disease and diabetes. Women with a waist measurement (circumference) of more than 35 inches (89 centimeters) and men with a waist measurement of more than 40 inches (102 centimeters) may have more health risks than do people with smaller waist measurements.