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Who is the richest singer in the world?

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Submitted by Dean Jones on Tue, 05/12/2020 - 17:25

The American site Celeb Networth has just established the ranking of the planet's ten richest singers, to be discovered on

Baby, You 're a rich man, Paul McCartney sang in 1967 along with the Beatles. The Song of Prophecy? Forty-five years on, the Englishman ranks predictably among the top ten richest singers in the world, with a fortune valued at $800 million, or €661 million. His legendary Rolling Stones enemy Mick Jagger ranks five with his $305 million, a jackpot that is just under half the Paul McCartney jackpot.

In the second stage, another group leader, this time Irish, with its 600 million dollars, it is Bono from U2. American singer Jimmy Buffet finishes this podium with $400 million.

The Celeb Networth website ranking includes all income, whether it is wages, advertising or royalties.

Top 10 world's richest singers

1. Paul McCartney-$ 800 million (or with the Beatles and solo €611 million)

2. Bono-600 million dollars (or U2 458 million dollars)

3. Jimmy Buffett-$ 400 million (or €305 m)

4. Elton John-US$ 320 million (or EUR 244 million)

5. Mick Jagger-$ 305 million (or Rolling Stones €233 million)

6. Gene Simmons-$ 300 m (or €229 m with Kiss)

7. Sting-$ 290 million (or €221 million for Police and solitary)

8. Phil Collins-$ 250 million (or €191 million with Genesis and solo)

9. Dave Matthews-$ 250 million (or $191 million, Dave Matthews Band)

10 Prince-$ 250 million (€191 million)