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When Tan Goes Bad

Submitted by blueandred on Wed, 12/09/2015 - 19:47

Jennifer Butler is salon co-owner at Vanity Rooms and is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable tanners in the business. Here are her ten things to remember so you never risk a dodgy tan job.

(1) Always have a patch test at least 24 hours prior to having a new tan you’ve never tried before. Don’t leave it until the day of your big event or holiday to find out a particular tan doesn’t suit!

(2) Exfoliate and moisturise regularly to avoid build up of tanning products, especially if you're a tanning junkie, and to have skin in top condition. Smooth skin accepts tanning product much better.

(3) Make sure you do all of your hair removal 24 hours before applying tan. Otherwise the tan can sink into hair follicles that have been recently opened and leave you with dark spots.

(4) Always use a tanning mitt to avoid staining hands. If the occasion is a bigone and you’re going all out, splurge on a new mitt for flawless results.

(5) An oil-free moisturiser should be applied to dry areas, elbows, knees, ankles and feet prior to tan application. Those are the most common areas for tan to gather, so beware!

(6) Apply tanning product onto your tan mitt, then spread evenly onto skin using smooth, circular movements. Use the left over bits of tan on the mitt to do your hands, if you apply more you might go overboard.

(7) After your tan has been applied, wear loose, dark clothing. Avoid anything that would normally leave a line in your skin, like bras, socks and skinny jeans.

(8) Avoid washing hands for at least two hours, otherwise after the rest of the tan develops fully, your hands won’t match the rest of your body. Bad hand tan is a surefire sign of dodgy application.

(9) If the tan you’ve used is a developing one, wait for 2-3 hours for a light colour or overnight (or about eight hours) for a deeper shade.

(10) For a longer lasting tan we’d recommend you use a gradual tan moisturiser. There’s nothing worse than looking down and seeing tan that’s wearing off all patchy.Read more at:princess prom dresses | short prom dresses