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What Type of Dentures is Right for You?

Dentures are custom-made appliances that replace missing teeth. They help people regain the ability to eat a variety of foods and thus help improve the nutrition-improve appearance and can go a long way to restoring a person's self-image. Most of the time, dentures are worn during the day and removed at night to allow oral tissues to relax.
Two types of dentures are available- Complete or Full Dentures and Partial Dentures. When all teeth are missing then complete dentures are used and when only some teeth are missing then partial dentures are used. If a person is missing most, but not all teeth, a dentist near me usually recommends extracting the remaining teeth so that full dentures can be made.

  1. Complete Dentures

The complete dentures replace all teeth and are customized to match gum tissue and hold plastic or porcelain teeth. This is done by sealing with gums or through dental implants. There are two types of conventional dentures: immediate and conventional.
Immediate dentures are fitted on the same day if the patient who have had dental extractions. Patients who receive immediate dentures are spared the embarrassment of living without teeth, even for a short time. Immediate dentures also help reduce bleeding from the extractions and protect the exposed tissues.
Conventional dentures are longer-term dentures worn for about four years, depending on patient bone loss and absorption. It's important to remember that dentures are not the same as teeth. They look like teeth and are constructed to perform most of the functions of teeth. It is not unusual for patients to report initial problems eating and speaking with dentures.

  1. Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are used to replace a few missing teeth and fill in gaps that can interfere with eating, speaking, and comfort. They are anchored into place with clasps or precision attachments, which are more natural-looking, that surround natural teeth. Natural teeth that anchor partial dentures sometimes need to have crowns put on them to improve the fit.
How to Take Care of Dentures?

Except for the fitting period, dentures near me should be taken out each night and soaked in water or a denture solution overnight. And just as patients are advised to brush their teeth after each meal, dentures require cleaning after eating. While your Dentures Houston are still out, clean your natural teeth, gums, and tongue with a soft toothbrush.
Dentures should be cleaned every day using a denture brush or soft toothbrush and a denture cleaner or mild liquid soap. Anything harsher can damage them, including toothpaste.
How Much Are Dentures?
This particular discount plan only costs $119.95 per year for an individual or $159.95 per year for an entire family. The usual upper dentures cost is $1252, but by joining this particular plan you'll only have to pay $518, a savings of $734. If you have a family then deduct $159.95 from your savings and you'll still end up saving a total of $574.05. You'll save $614.05 if you're single.
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