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what is a structural engineer

Submitted by Karno on Wed, 01/13/2021 - 14:07

The recognition , the diagnosis , the building of expertise and work are among the trades and master practical Karno Energy consultants daily.
The structural engineering is a field of engineering and especially the civil engineering dealing with the stability of constructions (design and analysis of structures).
A structure is subjected to various actions, permanent or variable over time, static or dynamic, of a mechanical or thermal nature, and its design aims to meet certain criteria with respect to these actions:
• Safety : resistance, balance and stability
• Performance : operation and comfort
• Durability : degradation

Structural recognition:
The structural recognition is part of an initial phase of diagnosis or expertise, it is used to identify or verify the structural elements , investigating and characterizing pathologies and establish plans for formwork and reinforcement in framework of:
• Compliance check
• Renovation project
• Rehabilitation project
• Change of operation
• During periodic audits
• Health and regulatory diagnosis
• Following the appearance of disorders
• After disaster

Technical Assistance to the Client and Client :
• From design to dimensioning : updating of diagnostics , drafting of monitoring and work procedures , phasing of execution , choice of technical solutions , cost estimate , planning, etc.
• From the award to the execution of the works : consultation and selection of companies, analysis of the offers and variants of the companies, follow-up and technical assistance during the work, acceptance and verification of the work.
Our missions project management are within the framework, transposed to private markets.

Construction pathologies:
The expertise of Karno Energy team in the field of construction pathologies covers the following subjects:
• Alteration of construction materials : Concrete, Masonry, Plaster, Metal and Wood
• Structural works
• Foundation works